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Do you own or operate a small business or medium-sized business Web site, or even a personal or hobby Web site or blog? Join our FREE online Affiliate Program, and make extra money by selling Fashion Buyer Network services right on your site! You’ll help your site’s visitors connect with the people in their lives especially the fashionista crowd–and at the same time you’ll earn 5% of all sales that come through your site.

Fashion Buyers Network offers business development services such as affiliate marketing as a platform, business lending for startups and business owners seeking to rebuild or improve their credit profiles, we also promote and grow your business through business networking events off the Internet such as Fashion Week Events for the fashion industry.

And it couldn’t be easier. After you sign up, you’ll have your own Affiliate Management account, where you can create links to the Fashion Buyers Network home page or to any product page. All you need to do is put these links on your site, sit back, and watch the money roll in!