Marketing Majors: Is Digital and Social Media changing the way you get hired? Time to start hiring Marketing Majors!

Last month a company that I am investing in, Fashion Buyers Network put up a post for an Internship to Hired Program. Well we had a good news / bad news scenario. The one post generated over 300,000 applicants. That was the good news. The bad news was that over 90% of the applicants for an internship were not college students but college graduates many of them with MBA’s already for over two years and still looking for a way to get a paid job. Not a career position but an entry level at best paid job. This bothered me and got me thinking. Yes, why and is their a solution.

Yes, the Internet is a game changer. It verifies everything. No longer can you ask a client for money and pray the client sees enough of a good result that he comes back to spend more money with you. Results are measurable instantly and you are and will be judged on your results. But what results are businesses judging you on?

Students incorrectly think that the measurement of ROI is all about hits and clicks. The Digital Media crowd focuses on costs per click, while the Social Media crowd focuses on cost per like and follows. The reality is a business or large company could care less about traffic received. They want to know how much revenue has been generated and was the cost worth it. So is their a solution to hire the new generation Marketing Major and create value for businesses to hire them?

My foundation is giving a grant to Fashion Buyers Network to create an experiment and answer that very question. The experiment will use a combination of Affiliate Marketing combined with Multi-Level Marketing and combine it with Digital and Social Media on a employment platform that will lead to employment with Fashion Buyers Network and the staff could easily transition to employment with our own clients, all of which are looking to hire a combination of marketing and sales professionals.

I would like to get feedback from both Marketing and Sales Professionals on what they think of the plan and ways to improve it. My contact information is below and I will respond back.


Louis Sanchez





Driving digital transformation with Microsoft retail business applications Microsoft technology combined with a network of fashionistas

Published on Jul 7, 2017

A demonstration of how you can give your salespeople the product and customer information they need to deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences that inspire loyalty. This is why we require our staff to get their Microsoft Certifications. A simple concept great technology combined with a network of real people and buyers. By the way, Yes we are hiring!


Retail TV – The Future of Retail – The Experience is Everything

Retail News – Changing consumer shopping tastes and expectations are quietly transforming the retail industry. Shoppers increasingly crave instant gratification, one-of-a-kind merchandise and are cozying up to the idea of borrowing goods versus buying them.

As a result, the shopping model of the near future is poised to look radically different from just a decade ago, and retailers that don’t keep pace with changing tastes are setting themselves up for a rude awakening, at best or extinction.