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You need to focus on running your business and you need new sales! As a member with a Managed Account you get your dedicated Business Development Specialist who has a vested interest in growing your revenue. If your Business Development Specialist does not increase in your sales, they do not make any additional money.

Your Business Development Specialist is responsible for:

  • Building and maintaining your E-Commerce site.
  • Recruiting and managing your Affiliate Network of bloggers and Influencers.
  • Depending on your business:
    • Represent you with our network of bankers and investors
    • Represent you to distributors, wholesalers and retailers
    • Recruit and train your salesforce and marketing team on Microsoft 365
    • Recruit and train your Accounting and Supply Chain Commerce team.

Our management fee is 2% of generated revenue with a $2,500.00 per year minimum.

The price for membership is $2,500.00 per Year.

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