Manufacturers Membership


As a manufacture you want to be connected with distributors, wholesalers and maybe retailers who have credit lines available in order to purchase in bulk. Also, we are in a position to introduce you to designers who are participating in the fashion fund so they are establishing their lines of credit for manufacturing.

If you are a foreign (Non- USA) manufacturing are are willing to register in the USA (Your Business Development Specialist can assist with this). You can qualify for participation in the Fashion Fund and offer your buyers credit terms while being paid instantly.


As a manufacturer you need to meet two types of people. Designers who can afford to manufacture and distributors, wholesalers and retailers who are financially capable of placing larger orders on a consistent basis. As a member your Business Development Specialist will also assist you with licensing products for distributors and if a non -USA manufacture assist you with creating and maintaining a USA corporation in order to tap into the Fashion Fund for investments and lines of credit. You Business Development Specialist will also assist you with setting up and maintaining your legal presence in the USA should you desire to hire a sales team of manufacturers reps.

Our management fee is 2% of generated sales with a $5,000.00 per year minimum.


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