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Why an Internship to Hired Program

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The question is do we want a team of low paid Interns or do we want a staff of highly paid employees that are profit centers for our company and our clients.

Their is a new generation of students that have grownup in the era of cost cutting and they are taught in school that employees are cost centers. That is one of the greatest misconceptions in business. Employees are NOT cost centers they are centers of profit.
For example, I keep hearing : ” It is better to have non-employee or contract workers so that we do not have to pay employee benefits.” The reality is that as a percentage of wages paid, our cost of insurance per employee is down 35% compared to what is was in 1980. yes premiums have gone up from an average of $280.00 per month per employee to over $2,000.00 per month in 2018. But our top salaries in 1980 was $600.00 per week and today our average minimum salary for an employee with five years experience is $6,000.00 per week. No one complains about the higher salaries or the increase in profits per employee. Yes our employees need to be treated as Profit Centers. How do we ensure that our employees are profit centers?

We create a platform that ensures success. We go back to our roots in financial services and use an Agency Model from the insurance industry. We take that model and combine it modern technology such as Affiliate Marketing combined with Multi-level Marketing. We create mandatory certifications from companies like Microsoft in CRM for Sales, Supply Chain Commerce and Advertising from Bing all with additional certifications so that our Interns can be successful employees Fashion Buyers Network or with our clients. Yes old school works.

We know from the insurance industry the large of large numbers and that unfortunately five to twenty percent of the people produce over 80% of the revenue for a large company. Now the question is do you get rid of the poor producers or do you create a system where even the weak can survive? The surprising truth is that it is more cost effective to support the weak than to be constantly turning over staff and training new people. Plus by supporting the weak, they become loyal, plus they do not leave because they know they are weak. So yes we will train  and  hire Marketing Majors who are afraid to talk to people. Who are some of the other surprising majors that have succeeded with our system?

Accountants, Economic, Finance, Law, Marketing and even Nursing  Students have used our platform for networking purposes for gaining employment. How? For example, even thought they are totally different. Accountants and Nurses both represent our platform to people in their industries. Accounting Majors target Accounting Firms and Nurses target small doctors offices and many end up becoming  pharmaceutical sales reps while they are completing their degree in nursing. Those individuals who learn to combine modern ways of communication with modern ways of marketing and sales are people who become profit centers for companies. Yes, they are hirable by us, our clients, our connections. I recommend you join the Internship to Hired program or fill out the contact form to request more information.

Flashback Fashion Trends Taking Over 2018

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Thank your lucky stars this year if your parents have that old box of clothes from high school they never pitched, because you’re about to be starting 2018 on the right foot. This past year was all about tip toeing through the decades with chokers, hoop earrings, leather skirts, and mom jeans. But get ready for 2018 to make the dive into the decades. Designers are bringing back all the fashion staples from the 60’s to the 90’s into the new year.

Starting with the swinging 60’s where boho styles met animal prints and neon colors. What to look for this 2018: animal prints, bell bottomed jeans, neon colors, chunky heels, fringe,  sheer, and color block. If you’re more of a tip toe-er than a diver when it comes to new trends no worries. Add a Leopard print jacket, skirt, top or purse to your every day look. Neon shoes or bags are another way to vamp up any neutral outfit. For the diver: tinsel fringe dresses, fringe leather jackets with flare pants, sheer tulle skirts, sheer sets, anything ultraviolet (Pantone announced this as the color of 2018), and a mixed print pant and jacket with chunky heels.

Moving into the Disco Era of the 70’s we see a lot of the trends we saw in the 60’s but think Studio 54. Trends from the 70’s you can see coming into 2018 will be: platform boots, sequins, studs, military jackets and tailored suits. For the tip toe-er: Studded belts/wide belts, platform boots, vintage band T’s, glitter scarves. For the diver: sequin jackets/dresses/skirts, the tunic and skirt combo (see Gilda Midani for this look), and Palazzo pants will be very popular in 2018.

Now we make our way to the decade of decadence. Everything about the 80’s was bigger and better. Things to look for in 2018 from the 80’s: fur/faux fur, shoulder pads, and jumpsuits. For the tip toe-er try a shoulder padded blazer with a pair of jeans and studded heels, ripped or monogrammed denim jackets are coming in, teddy coats (faux fur coats), and mirrored sunglasses. For the diver: power suits, colorful fur coats, gold lamina dresses or giant jackets with black patent knee high  go go boots.

And last but not least we have the grunge 90’s. Urban 90’s vibes are taking storm in 2018. Things you’ll be seeing this coming year include: brand logos, windbreakers and anoraks, “athleisure” featuring track pants and bike shorts, berets, menswear inspired suits, Dr. Martens, plaid, and silk. For the tip toe-er: a plaid top and leather skirt statement skirt, a goth inspired silk slip dress with a denim jacket or leather jacket with Dr. Martens, denim jumper with a a turtleneck, oversized brand logo sweatshirts, and a beret to accessorize any look. For the diver: biker shorts (seen on Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid pairing them with blazers and heels), patterned suits with a turtleneck and heels for day time or a bodysuit for nighttime, checkered pants, and track pants with heels.

If you’re looking for the year to experiment with your wardrobe 2018 is going to be the year to do it. Designers are throwing fashion faux pas out the window and bringing a twist to the game, everything goes. This year is going to be all about who can break the rules the best, going from tip toeing to diving into the decades.





For more style ideas visit my page on Instagram @raimentandrags.


How Many Times Do I Have to Say LinkedIn is NOT a Dating Site?

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Our teachers, advisors, peers, bosses, etc. they all tell us to make a LinkedIn account so we can be connected to opportunities, people who have our dream jobs, friends of friends who could put in a good word for us for that internship we have been dreaming of for months now. In theory it’s all good. I encourage everyone who wishes to build a professional network to make a profile on this site. However, when your account is made, you soon start to realize some people are on that website for the wrong reasons.


Take me for example, I am a twenty-one-year-old college student who has a dream of becoming a fashion buyer. I work very hard and have a lot of ambition. I take on a lot of roles in order to gain relevant experience to make my dream of becoming a buyer come true. I post about a new position I accepted such as a Sales Associate or Marketing Intern. Soon lots of messages flood in saying “Congratulations!” It’s awesome & makes me feel good to read so many great well wishes. Suddenly, some of these well wishes become a little bit more than a simple “Congrats on the new job.” Instead of congratulating me on an achievement that I have worked so hard to accomplish, I am complimented on my appearance. I am asked if I am single (& no, I am not single, I am blessed to have a boyfriend who is my number one supporter in everything that I do). I was even sent a terrifying email that was almost a page long about how beautiful I was and asking if I was interested in pursing a relationship with a man who was multiple decades older than me.

I just don’t get it! When did a website that is supposed to be made for achieving career goals, learning, and researching become a dating website? Instead of fully focusing on finding an internship this summer I am constantly wondering, “Will I be hit on if I post this?” This should not be a worry for someone who is trying to work hard and achieve their dreams.

It is one thing to be polite on LinkedIn. In fact, I highly encourage it. Tell someone “Congrats” on their new job or tell them that you admire how much they accomplished. The world needs more kindness.

However, there is a very fine line between being polite and being straight up creepy. The page-long email I received about how beautiful I am is creepy.  Whereas the messages I received saying, “Congratulations on your new position,” were very polite and kind.

If you are on LinkedIn and you receive a ‘creepy’ message DO NOT be afraid to stand up for yourself. Tell the person, in a professional way of course (being rude is almost always never the right answer) that you are on this site to make a better life for yourself and not to date. Be sure to report the message because people like that need to be stopped and exposed.

Be safe, be aware, be professional and always be kind.

Make use of the clothes in your closet!

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Photographer: Michelle Salgado

Deciding what to wear for work, school, family gatherings, the gym… Do you feel like every time you look in your closet you can’t find anything to wear?

Every day, I hear people saying I didn’t have anything to wear so I just wore this… or I don’t know what to wear… or I have this event and I’m not sure how to dress… or I went to the mall to get some clothes and I can’t find anything to wear… I have heard it all. To be honest I used to be that person too. However, after going to school for fashion design, I have grasped a better sense of style and understanding of what goes with what and what’s appropriate for just about every occasion. In reality, it’s not that we don’t have anything to wear in our closet, it’s how to wear what’s in our closet. We all have clothes and we bought those clothes because there was something special about it that we liked. Whether, it made us look tall and slender, or it was a big comfy sweater that could be worn on a cold winter day or maybe it was just the design on it that we liked. We do own a closet full of stuff. Now, when we shop, most of the time, we buy one top from one store, a pair of pants from a different store and some shoes from another store. We typically don’t buy all of our outfits at the same time from the same store. Therefore, we need to figure out how to pair each individual article of clothing with each other. It’s like going to an art store and buying a paint brush and some paint. We have the proper tools to paint a beautiful picture however, we aren’t all going to magically be Leonardo de Vinci. We need practice and guidance on how we can get there.

Now, when it comes to clothes I for one know you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on every outfit you wear. The most important thing is to have some basic essentials that you can constantly mix and match with each other. Even adding a scarf or a necklace to a basic outfit can really add to your look.

Photographer: Sandy Zmuda

The last aspect of figuring out what to wear is how you feel in it? Every day when I get ready I think to myself, do I look good? One of the most important things to an outfit is how it makes you feel about yourself? When you look good, you will feel good. So, stopping wondering what other people think of you. I promise you, if you feel good it will show and when it shows, everyone around you will notice.

If this is something you’re constantly struggling with, then stay connected to my blog for more posts on what I wear for different occasions and how you can use your own clothes to do the same!

Why I Love the Fashion Buyers Network

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With the relaunch of Fashion Buyers Network, you might be asking yourself, “Why Fashion Buyers Network?” or “What makes Fashion Buyers Network stand out?”

Fashion Buyers Network is a second chance for designers. Fashion designers are allowed to get loans, no matter WHAT their credit score is, which is a blessing. Credit scores easily can change, sometimes people do not know signing up for that Victoria Secret credit card and buying a new bottle of perfume can seriously damage a person’s credit. An innocent mistake should not make or break a person trying to make it in their dream field. That’s why I personally love the Fashion Buyers Network. Other huge companies like Amazon and Microsoft believe in Fashion Buyers Network and even help designers get their clothes on the market.

Image result for fashion show

However, Fashion Buyers Network doesn’t stop there. It provides internship opportunities for college students, for students like me. IT gives a chance to complete online lessons in sales, Microsoft, Google Tag, and much more. FBN gives interns chance to work in sales and in affiliate marketing. FBN even provides a great networking area for designers, businesses, and other students across the world.

Welcome to the relaunch of Fashion Buyers Network. Read more about us. Get to know us. (In my personal opinion, I have met some of the kindest, most hardworking people here. They will help you with whatever you ask!) Hopefully, you will join our family here at Fashion Buyers Network!

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New Site and Internship program

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We have re-launched Fashion buyers Network and are preparing for our new Internship to Hired Program.

One of the major new goals of the Internship to Hired Program is to provide a path to employment for Marketing majors who are afraid of direct sales. So the program will design a series of training programs on Affiliate Marketing, certifications from Microsoft and Google on Digital and Social Media that will hopefully lead to employment with us or our clients in the role of Affiliate Managers where you will be responsible for revenue at the company based on indirect sales.

For those individuals ready to tackle direct sales, a fast track to employment will be provided based on Microsoft certifications in CRM for Sales, Microsoft Dynamics and Supply Chain Commerce.

As part of the Internship to Hired Program all Interns will be required to write posts, create groups and forums at the local college or university.