Welcome to Fashion Buyers Network. We were initially created to be a membership based consortium for members of the embroidery and textile industries. Since then we have now grown to include businesses and professionals who simply want to grow their revenue through representation in a business network on and off the web. Fashion Buyers Network is not a DYI (Do it yourself) platform. We are a member based organization where every member is assigned a Business Development Manager or Specialists who is in charge of your account.

Your Account Representative is charged with the task of growing your revenue and is compensated well for it. Fashion Buyers Network is fee based and we charge 2% of platform generated sales as a management fee. This fee applies only to businesses and not to professionals seeking to network through our members.

All of our members receive if needed:

1. Representation to distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

2. Representation to our member banks and investors for working capital loans and/or raising of capital

3. Development of your own Affiliate Marketing network in order to grow your revenue by using digital and social media.

4. Off the web representation is done at the International Fashion Week Circuit level and locally through sponsored business networking events normally held at restaurants who are also our members.

For more information, reach out to us and a member of our staff will gladly answer your questions.