What is Fashion Buyers Network?

Fashion Buyers Network is a membership organization dedicated to business development and increasing sales for both professionals and businesses.

Fashion Buyers Network is a international business started in 1987 and is a consortium member based organization where most distribution is still done on a face to face basis and through business networking events. All of our staff are business professionals with degrees in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Law. We even have some medical students who focus on pharmaceutical sales. 85% of our staff has a masters in Supply Chain Commerce and are all required to have Microsoft certifications in CRM for Sales and ERP.

Originally created as a consortium of embroidery and textile manufacturers. Our first premise and goals were a simple one. How to best promote and create work for our members, the consortium of factory owners.

Yes New Jersey is the embroidery capital of the world. Combined from Boston, MA to Triangle Park NC. More embroidery is done than in any other part of the world. So, the consortium started backing television shows and obviously the International fashion week circuit is our main form of business networking. A simple premise.

If the fashion designers are doing well, the factories are working. As a consortium of privately owned businesses, we have no intention of ever going public. Our typical member has been in business for over 100 years, is debt free and averages 10 to 50 million a year in revenue. Most factories average 25 to 75 employees.

 Fashion Buyers Network does the business networking for companies like Global Business Referral Network. The largest event is the Ambassador’s Ball held every five years at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC sponsored by the San Fam Foundation. https://www.sanfamfoundation.com The second level is the International Fashion Week circuit. Our events are limited to Buyers, Bankers, Investors and high-end real media so normally Television Anchors.

The staff at Global Business Referral Network is basically the elite team and without any excuses they are all Accountants, Economist and Finance professionals. Our pass-through staff are the nurses and lawyers who leverage our platform to grow their careers.

The nurses leverage Microsoft certification in CRM for Sales to become pharmaceutical sales reps and the law students if they do not make partner in a firm leverage our networking for a career in politics. The GBRN team has been recruited exclusively from three universities, Seton Hall, DePaul and Loyola all three are Jesuit universities.

Where does that leave entry level staff at Fashion buyers Network?

Entry level staff at Fashion Buyers Network are basically trainees in a career to become professional Business Development Specialist. From inception to completion should take 18 to 36 months to obtain all the necessary certifications and proper business licenses.

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