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Fashion Buyers Network is membership based international business development firm and are all inclusive on our services. Our areas of expertise are Affiliate Marketing, Fulfillment by Amazon, Supply Chain Commerce and business services such as representation for banking, insurance and capital markets. We are a people powered technology driven organization

All of our clients are assigned a Business Development Specialist who is both responsible for you account and is compensated based on your sales generated. That is why we are people based. Nothing motivates a real person to succeed than their own success. This also means for your Business Development Specialist, that no sales generated on your account and they do not make any money.

Our staff is composed of college graduates with degrees in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing. We also have a small group of Law, Pre-med and Political Science majors. They tend to focus on Law, Pharmaceutical sales and Politics.

Never forget, Fashion Buyers Network is not a technology company. However, we are a company that uses technology better than most. If electricity disappeared tomorrow, we would simply take out our 3 by 5 index cards and continue to grow our clients and our own business.

Our platform is based on a performance based system, so we need to generate sales for you before our staff can make money from you. No sales, no fees. Fashion Buyers Network is not a consulting firm where you pay money to hear ideas, we a performance based company where it is in our interest to grow your revenue. Unlike agencies that are solely based on digital and social media, we are a network of real companies with real sales people and we do most of our networking face to face.

We grow your revenue through a combination of business networking events such as New York City Fashion Week. Yes we meet and refer you to real people. On the technology side, we combine our referral based networking with strategies such as Affiliate Marketing. We embed our Affiliate Marketing Technologies well beyond just bloggers and social media. We also integrate it within the Supply Chain Commerce solutions for manufacturers reps, E.R.P. Solutions such as Dynamics 365 from Microsoft and Fulfillment by Amazon.

We hope to see you at some of our events. Remember we are a network of business professionals certified and trained to grow your revenue or sales. A performance based system which is best for all involved.