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Torino Fashion Week – Contest Participation.

Fashion Buyers Network will be working with Claudio Azzolini sponsoring an international team of fashion designers and manufacturers to participate at Torino Fashion Week and Match 2020.

Olivia Tarnawska who is in charge of the NYC Fashion Team will be in charge of the contest to bring 20 designers from the USA to Torino Fashion Week. Fashion Buyers Network will also bring up to 15 manufacturers to the event.

Both designers and manufacturers participating in the event are Fashion Buyers Network members who have access to the Fashion Fund for manufacturing loans.

By the way if you want to go Torino Fashion Week but are not a designer or manufacturer, Olivia will be taking her top ten Affiliate Referral partners with her. Right now they are mainly from Seton Hall University (go Pirates)

Reach out to Olivia for more information and simply lets us know if you are a designer, manufacturer or a fashionista looking to network with an affluent crowd.

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Enhance Your Growth Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply is nothing more than a commission coded link attached to a piece of text or a banner/photo. When done right, affiliate marketing can generate a company’s sales, revenue, and professional network. By building a company’s network of real affiliates through local business networking events, the risk is low but the rewards are extremely high. No buyers, no sales!

The main goal when generating traffic as a marketer is to increase your visitors. Lets say you generate over a million visitors a month, but these visitors do not bring any value, leads, or revenue. Though your website had traffic, it was useless traffic! Why? Because your company made no sales! So what is the solution? Affiliate Marketing. Let your Business Development Manager take on the risk, while you focus on your business.

At Fashion Buyers Network, your Business Development Manager works closely with manufacturers who need distribution. The manager grows client’s sales through a combination of affiliate marketing, people based networking with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, and financing through our small business fund.

Imagine if you could get several hundred if not thousands of influencers, people, or websites to promote your product or service and only pay for that advertising after YOU receive a paid sale? Lower your cost by transferring the risk to your affiliate network.

My contact information:

Olivia Tarnawska [email protected]

Find me on Linked In!

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Madison Sheard: New South Florida Team Member!

Hi everyone! I am proud to announce that I have joined the Fashion Buyers Network as a Business Development Manager. As a recent graduate from The University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, it has always been my dream to work for a company that provides marketing services within the fashion industry and a large variety of other businesses. I am now able to help businesses increase sales while lowering their advertising costs through affiliate marketing, networking, and funding through our small business fund. I have moved back to my home town in South Florida where I believe the fashion industry has always been prominent and continues to grow tremendously. I know our new South Florida team will thrive in our region and will give tremendous opportunities for our clients to market their businesses and build their networks. I am so excited to start my journey within this affiliate marketing company and begin my work with some amazing co-workers and clients.

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Swim Outlet

Fashion Buyers Network is proud to represent Swim Outlet.

SwimOutlet is the largest online specialty shop for swimming, fashion, beach, and surf products in the U.S. For over 17 years, we have focused on delivering the best online shopping experience and the best value. Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word of mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers.

We’re pleased to have been honored in the past as an e-commerce industry leader by Internet Retailer and a “Top Innovator” by Apparel Magazine in 2019. We are confident you’ll find to be your first choice for quality products, lowest prices, reliable delivery and online shopping experience.

We also take pride in living up to our company’s motto to help people live healthier lives through sports and fitness. We have our own office yoga studio and nearby gym memberships and were recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold-Level Fit-Friendly Worksite for helping employees eat better and move more. Try us today

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Social Media versus hiring real sales people

I originally wrote this post as a tribute to John Henry and as a lesson for young graduates with no real experience in business.

  One of my childhood heroes was the folklore story of John Henry -The steel driving man. To me he was the ultimate superhero giving his life in the process of winning. Today, I question the why of that story and question the question of which is better, the machine or man. 

 When I started my career my prospecting method was a shoebox filled with 3×5 index cards. I had those cards broken down by what we use to call x dates. My box was divided into the following sections:

  Contact next year.

 Six month’s to one year

 Three to six months.

 Next 90 days

 Next 30 days

 Next week

 Ready to sign and cut me a check.

  By the way in today’s terms. My shoe-box was very dynamic. it kept me busy, focused, productive and yes made me allot of money.

The next big leap in my productivity was when Microsoft Office gave us a product I still use today, Microsoft Outlook. With Microsoft Outlook I transferred my dynamic shoe-box to a computer and started using techniques such as mail-merge to send an occasional piece of information to the whole list and also for faxing as a way to prospect. Yes my sales increased and my free time too. I made more money and now had an agency, so I trained my staff to do as I did, My staff made easier money and it multiplied the wealth at the agency.

From their we started training our clients staff to work the same way and by now we were ready for another leap in technology in the form of Microsoft CRM and sales for outlook. This next leap in technology also introduced us to the use of digital and social media as a way to further increase our communications after 30 years in what we now call the supply chain.

Recently, I visited a University with majors that are based on sales and business development and a soon to be graduate was proud to show me how he was going to make millions the moment he graduates because of the large lists of followers, friends and online contacts he had and all he had to do was post once and wait for the millions to come in for whoever he represented. I sat back and thought about this.

I thought about John Henry and so I challenged our future young grad to a small contest. I actually gave him $1,000.00 for an advertising budget toward his cause to spend to help him get started and I would print out my next seven day list of people to contact from outlook and would turn my computer off. Technology versus the shoe-box. Social and digital media versus a sales person. The challenge would last for one week.

A week later I closed more business than the soon to be graduate believed even existed and a pipeline of new potential clients based on referrals with a thank you for visiting me. The graduate received many hits and clicks based on the analytic s on the server. So after 30 years of believing in the folklore of John Henry, I re ask the question.

What is better, great technology or great people. My surprising answer is neither. I want to hire great people who want to leverage the power of great technology so that they can do that much more than ever thought possible. Unlike John Henry who died to be that good, I want my staff to enjoy a great life made better by the better use of the new tools around them.


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Crypto Currencies and Fashion Buyers Network

The day has come. We now have slightly over 8,500 fashion designers and their E-Commerce solutions accepting various forms of crypto-currencies for payment.

All of our members will accept the following coins:


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin SV

Lite Coin











Fashion Buyers Network will not make claims as to which coin is better and we will not make any recommendations on trading or how to make money with crypto. We will open those topics to those who are willing to write about it and give their opinions. Some members may only accept payment in some of the coins but most have decided to accept in all and most of theem will settle immideatley to cash in their own currency.

Many are settling 80 cash instantly and settling the other 20% at the end of the month playing the investment game to a degree. Some have made money, some have lost. This is where those of you who trade may want to visit with our members and maybe pick up some clients, it is not an area we will focus on.

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Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

We are reaching out to make sure that you continue to promote the current sales for FitFlop this week. The Up to 50% off FitFlop Summer Sale is still running, now with an additional 15% off using code TAKE15! Along with this Summer Sale, we are happy to let you know that the Flash Sale promo has been extended to run through the end of this Sunday! Your readers can also enjoy 20% off almost everything with code FLASH20.

Can you please make sure that from today until the end of this Sunday, you are promoting these offers for FitFlop on any current category placements or exposure, along with their merchant page?

Kind regards,
The Fitflop Affiliate Team


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Cotton On -New Promo

  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Get 30% off casual pants at Cotton On Women! (Valid 6/14 – 6/16)
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Cotton On (US)
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Get The Label Summer Sale is LIVE!

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