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Streamlining Lead Generation- A Look at Salesgenie

Salesgenie is a lead generation company that started in 2004, it serves many different sized businesses and gives its users a way to not only look at verified leads, but also gives the ability to organize it in he person’s or company’s best interest. It also offers an account manager that helps with email and direct mail campaigns.

 The Overview

–Let’s say you want to start with an email campaign to try and amass leads online to get your business up and running and more importantly bussing with new opportunities or customers rather. Salesgenie either allows you to have one of their experts run the emails for you or go the more DIY route and take full advantage of the Email Campaign Builder, which features 35 mobile optimized themes and 270 templates. This means that you can likely create the ideal looking email to best capture your niche.

Now once you find your niche, instead of running a general email campaign attracting a larger    -more general audience-, a direct mailing campaign can be created. In which you can control the demographics and location of who you would like to target. Even physical media, such as postcards, letters, or brochures. It is possible to work with a graphic designer with Salesgenie and make your marketing ideas come to life.

Other services they provide include: SEO optimization and being an AdWords reseller that can help purchase paid advertisements on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There’s Levels to This

Of course, like most subscription-based products they have a tiered system that allows you to choose the best option for your needs.

The entry level is the “Professional” option which gives you complete access to their databases, sales lead & list Tools, and prospecting tools. The database includes US businesses & contacts as well US households & customers. If you want to go a step further and get the plus addition to your plan: New Businesses, New Movers/Homeowners, and Canadian Businesses & Consumers are available to use to your advantage.  The sales tool supports print/export/send to CRM, google mapping, unlimited search and view and export support and training from Salesgenie. The prospecting tools allows you to do lead statuses, notes and follow ups. With the plus addition to your plan the prospecting tools also allows: Upload customer data, enhance customer data, suppress customers, unlimited executive emails, and unlimited phone dialer.

The next level in the sequence is the “Team” option is identical to the previous option with one important difference-sales management tools. This allows you to assign leads, track others, and collaborate with your team.

“Office 360 Marketing” similar to the “Team” option is only one addition fully fleshed out feature different from the previous. You are given access to marketing tools which includes: ability to analyze customer & identify best prospects, create & manage custom templates, send email & direct mail campaigns, and track ROI & campaign success. It is also unique in the fact that it combines your customer data and Salesgenie’s diverse data sets into one page-essentially cross-refencing them and making it very simple to find ideal prospects.

The final level is the “Enterprise” in which they place even more power in your hands. You can make your own prediction models, features API integration, lead qualification, and customized training and support.

A Sign of The Times

With the fully fleshed out Salesgenie app managing your leads and keeping up with prospective prospects is more than possible whether it is on your phone or tablet.