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By: Affiliate Marketing Guide

Hi Shane, I’m Kim from Denmark, I must agree with you that Article Submission Helper is actually great, and it’s better than many of the paid ones I have used, last time I submitted with it, over half of the full automatic worked without having to change category, press TOS or submit buttons.

It also have the availability to spin articles, which is really important to get them all indexed. But there is thing that is a problem with many of these article submitters, all the “smaller” article directories can take a veeery long time to actually publish or reject the article, if ever. I have seen on some of the sites where after 3 months it still says “waiting”.

Anyways, thanks for all your great reviews, it’s really refreshing with some honest reviews instead of all the “sales page reviews”, with this we can take a much better to if it’s something that will help us or can learn something from.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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