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Muscular Man vs Little Girl PowerGrip Liquid Chalk has you covered! #weightlifting #powerlifting #crossfit #gymnastics #fitness #sports

PowerGrip Liquid chalk is already leaving it’s mark on the market these exquisite amazon reviews details the quality and power of the product and it spares no expense! Whether you are a weightlifter, powerlifter, avid crossfit enthusiast or into gymnastics come get your PowerGrip.

August 17, 2018

Size: 50ML Verified Purchase
“I’m loving this it’s perfect size and it’s also great for ball handling and gripping the ball properly, honestly don’t go on court without it. I definitely recommend it came within a decently sized package with nice packaging, It also arrived quickly. Not to mention its useful for lifting, basket ball and other aspects give it a try, I seriously recommend it!~”
– Geovany Garcia

August 20, 2018

“My daughters and I really love this product! They have gymnastics four times a week and they also train at home. Buying this liquid chalk has given me a great sense of relief because I no longer have to worry about the powdered chalk getting all over the house and causing a mess, or spilling in their bag. It works just as well as powdered chalk without the mess. I also like the clip that comes on the bottle. I can easily attach it to their gym bags.”
– Shelly-ann Savage
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