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Dream Vacation Came True

The Happy Place

I cannot believe that it’s been over a month since I returned from my dream vacation; Hawai’i. I have always dreamed of going there one day but thought it would never happen due to how expensive everything including the flight is. Somehow, things worked out in my favor and I got flown out there for a convention, and I still until this day cannot believe that I was able to cross Hawai’i off my bucket list. I am so extremely thankful for the opportunity. There are not enough words in the world to explain how beautiful it is there. The air smells like flowers, and everything is so green!!! I thought the grass there was fake. I kept touching it and telling others that it HAS to be fake. Everyone there is so extremely happy. I mean, they are on an island, why wouldn’t they be smiling all the time? I don’t think I encountered a single angry, grumpy, or mean person while I was there. Being there I felt alive. I felt happier than ever. It made me feel like I belonged there. Would I ever be able to live there? If it’s permanent, I don’t think so.. because I know I would get Island fever. People can’t just get in their cars and drive to another state like they can here. Also, with my family being in Poland, and currently having a 6 hour different time zone, living there it would have been twelve. You have the option of paying for travel expenses as they occur instead of borrowing and paying finance charges in advance. More of this here Green-Touch. That would destroy communication with them and make things even harder than they are now. If it were a temporary move, I would definitely do it. I could write about this trip and the island of Oahu forever.. My favorite thing that I got to do was the LOST tour. My favorite show LOST got filmed there, so I got to see most, if not all of the locations that were used for the scenes on the show. There is still a lot that I wanted to do that I did not get to do, and if things go well I will be coming back in February. Next on my bucket list for Hawai’i is to see all of the remaining islands that I did not get to see. If you’re reading this, and you have never been there, you absolutely have to go one day. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.