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Coming soon-Karo Swimwear Couture edition

Register to our feed for up an coning news on Karo Swimwear the Couture Edition. Also, The Karo Kittens contest starts on Monday. Are you in our are you out? 

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Branding and the growth of KARO

Hello everyone. Please check out this awesome article featuring my journey as entrepreneur and check out our newest catalogue
Full article here

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Want to become a Karo Swimwear affiliate?

Want to become a Karo Swimwear affiliate?  Apply to become a Karo Kitten NOW!

Karo Swimwear is looking for affiliates to help support our explosive growth and expansion!  We are looking for women and men who love the brand, and who could represent Karo in a positive and professional manner. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to build a career in the fitness or fashion industry!

To apply, let us know why you think you would make the perfect Karo Swimwear affiliate.  Include any social media accounts that you may have, as well as any other information you think might help show us why we should choose you (experience, resume, etc).

Email all applications to : [email protected]

Dead line to apply: August 15th, 2018

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Elegant, sexy, and stylish!

I cannot speak highly enough about @karoswimwear. I absolutely fell in love with this hot pink velvet V-neck one piece. The passion, energy, and drive that went into designing this swimsuit is remarkable. I felt so comfortable in my own skin wearing this sexy, velvet, one of a kind piece!

Purchase on Amazon!

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Karo Swimwear

Metallic Velvet/Peacock Suit-

Karo swimwear is not only beautiful and extremely comfortable, but also hand made with care. I previously did not like wearing one piece bathing suits, but when I put this one on I thought it was so beautiful. The velvet copper color material, blended so beautifully with the metallic peacock design on top of it. This piece takes about 2-3 weeks to create and can be ordered in standard sizing as small, medium, large, or even a custom size.

Here is the link to this bathing suit:

Metallic Velvet/ Peacock Suit

Kaleidoscope String Bikini

This is the Kaleidoscope string bikini which was a Sports Illustrated Featured Swimsuit. Not only is it a very bright, full of color bikini, it also has a rhinestone connector in the back of the bottoms. This swim suit is very easy to adjust, and the triangle top fits very comfortably. I love this piece because I enjoy how much it stands out. Bright colors like these yellows, and oranges are perfect for the summer or any tropical get away. Just like the previous bathing suit I had mentioned, it can be ordered in any of the standard sizes; small, medium, large, or custom sized also. It takes up to 3 weeks to create and is worth every penny.

Here is the link to this one:

Kaleidoscope String Bikini

Goddess Two Piece

This is a very unique piece that is a hand made couture design. I absolutely love the color of it. The lavender looks beautiful with the white and I like how the top is lavender with white strings, and the bottoms are white with lavender strings. It makes the bathing suit stand out more. The jeweled details also go really well with all the colors, especially the shiny silver around it. This piece takes 2-3 weeks to make by the designer.

Here is a link to this one:



This one piece bathing suit is a beautiful lavender/lilac color. Out of all the bathing suits listed above, this one is my favorite. I felt so beautiful in it, and I think anyone else would feel the same way if they put it on too. It is such an appealing, and elegant piece and the white embroidery and beads makes it stand out so much. It is a custom, couture piece made for you by the designer. It takes up to 2-3 weeks to produce.

Here is a link to buy this one:


Kasia Roginska is a wonderful human being that puts so much love, creativity and time into every single piece she creates from scratch. It is her passion and you can see it when you look at each and every finished piece. She never ceases to amaze every time a new bathing suit is released. They are very unique, and stand out from any other bathing suits you will ever see. I am proud to call myself a friend of Kasia’s as well as a Karo Kitten and being able to help these bathing suits be seen, and modeling them myself. I love putting them on, feeling beautiful, and getting beautiful pictures because of them. This isn’t me trying to advertise them just because, this is me because I truly believe that they are worth being looked at, and the quality is amazing. You will not be disappointed after you get one and put it on.

Karo Swimwear instagram link:

Karo Swimwear Website:


My Instagram where I will be posting more of these:

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Nautical vibes

“The Sailor” one piece was part of my first collection and is still among the favorites. Fun, bold, timeless piece with embroidery, rhinestones, nautical ropes makes you definitely stand out from the crowd.

Kasia R


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Karo swimwear meets Amazon!

Karo swimwear now on Amazon!

I love the passion and creativity Karoswimwear’s CEO Kasia Roginska uses to make every bathing unique to fit your body, perfectly. This bathing suit design was created by artist Matthew Jean where they incorporated paintings into beach apparel. I love the way I look and feel in this deep breath one-piece plunging V with a racer back! It also has full rear coverage which makes me feel more confident! Click the link to order yours today!

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Couture and swimwear….

“Haute “ Karo Swimwear…

Please Check out our story… it all

started because of these jasper stones….


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Dream Vacation Came True

The Happy Place

I cannot believe that it’s been over a month since I returned from my dream vacation; Hawai’i. I have always dreamed of going there one day but thought it would never happen due to how expensive everything including the flight is. Somehow, things worked out in my favor and I got flown out there for a convention, and I still until this day cannot believe that I was able to cross Hawai’i off my bucket list. I am so extremely thankful for the opportunity. There are not enough words in the world to explain how beautiful it is there. The air smells like flowers, and everything is so green!!! I thought the grass there was fake. I kept touching it and telling others that it HAS to be fake. Everyone there is so extremely happy. I mean, they are on an island, why wouldn’t they be smiling all the time? I don’t think I encountered a single angry, grumpy, or mean person while I was there. Being there I felt alive. I felt happier than ever. It made me feel like I belonged there. Would I ever be able to live there? If it’s permanent, I don’t think so.. because I know I would get Island fever. People can’t just get in their cars and drive to another state like they can here. Also, with my family being in Poland, and currently having a 6 hour different time zone, living there it would have been twelve. You have the option of paying for travel expenses as they occur instead of borrowing and paying finance charges in advance. More of this here Green-Touch. That would destroy communication with them and make things even harder than they are now. If it were a temporary move, I would definitely do it. I could write about this trip and the island of Oahu forever.. My favorite thing that I got to do was the LOST tour. My favorite show LOST got filmed there, so I got to see most, if not all of the locations that were used for the scenes on the show. There is still a lot that I wanted to do that I did not get to do, and if things go well I will be coming back in February. Next on my bucket list for Hawai’i is to see all of the remaining islands that I did not get to see. If you’re reading this, and you have never been there, you absolutely have to go one day. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

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KARO in Kandy Magazine


KARO is super excited to have this unique, handmade piece being featured in Kandy magazine!


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Muscular Man vs Little Girl PowerGrip Liquid Chalk has you covered! #weightlifting #powerlifting #crossfit #gymnastics #fitness #sports

PowerGrip Liquid chalk is already leaving it’s mark on the market these exquisite amazon reviews details the quality and power of the product and it spares no expense! Whether you are a weightlifter, powerlifter, avid crossfit enthusiast or into gymnastics come get your PowerGrip.

August 17, 2018

Size: 50ML Verified Purchase
“I’m loving this it’s perfect size and it’s also great for ball handling and gripping the ball properly, honestly don’t go on court without it. I definitely recommend it came within a decently sized package with nice packaging, It also arrived quickly. Not to mention its useful for lifting, basket ball and other aspects give it a try, I seriously recommend it!~”
– Geovany Garcia

August 20, 2018

“My daughters and I really love this product! They have gymnastics four times a week and they also train at home. Buying this liquid chalk has given me a great sense of relief because I no longer have to worry about the powdered chalk getting all over the house and causing a mess, or spilling in their bag. It works just as well as powdered chalk without the mess. I also like the clip that comes on the bottle. I can easily attach it to their gym bags.”
– Shelly-ann Savage
Follow PowerGrip Liquid Chalk at:
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KARO and history of velvet…

I have always believed that velvet is the most magical fabric…

Please visit my bog post to learn more


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Top 5 Moments from New York Fashion Week 2018

Top 5 Moments from New York Fashion Week 2018
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These are the highlights from this years Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion Week! We’ve included moments like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s brawl, the Rodarte sisters returning to fashion week after years away, the bright colors seen on the runway and more!

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