Ultimate Icon

Who would have ever guessed that a young girl from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil would become one of the highest paid models in the world and carry the globally recognized brand Victoria’s Secret for almost twenty years?! Thursday, the days of all days the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2018), this iconic model walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway for her last time. 

From embodying the ultimate athlete/model through her extensive workout plans and being known for boxing as her favorite form of cardio. As well as possessing a strong athletic build. She has also inspired many young models today, including yours truly. Personally speaking, she has been my role model as far back as I can remember. Not only as a model, but also as a womanly figure to look up to as she holds a mystique and confidence that is all her own. I aspire to attain that. Her charisma that lights up the Victoria’s Secret runway is and will remain untouchable as many models use the same “poses” and facial expressions she has done over the years

ie: point to her chest then up and around to form a heart with both hands ending by pointing to the camera as if to touch the audience at home.

Adriana Lima, you are the ultimate icon! For me and many others. We wish you farewell from the Victoria’s Secret Runway. But your legacy will forever continue as the upcoming models hold you within them. 

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