Today we all received some very devastating and heartbreaking news. The man, the myth, the Legend, Stan Lee, passed away today at the age of 95.

The writer, editor, and publisher was responsible for many iconic characters such as Spider Man, Thor, X-men, Iron Man, Black Panther, the Fantastic Four and many more. Stan Lee has been legendary for a very, very long time. He started in business in 1939. Long before the marvel characters he created made it to the movies, they appeared on television as animated characters, such as the animated Spiderman was on ABC from 1967 to 1970. 

Not only was he a writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel Comics, but also was a real life superhero. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him once, and he was feisty, full of jokes and smiles, and an exceptional amount of kindness. He pushed through pneumonia for a really long time, and still managed to show up at conventions for as long as he possibly could to be there for all of his fans that waited for hours to meet him. Anyone that had the opportunity to meet this kind hearted human being was so lucky. I have never heard a single bad thing about him, always only good things. 

In 2002, Stan Lee published an autobiography called, “Excelsior! The Amazing life Of Stan Lee.” It is something that I did not get the chance to read yet, but will definitely be picking up soon. 

Rest In Peace to you Stan Lee, We will all miss you but thank you for everything that you have created for us. When I have kids one day, they will know about every single character that Lee created and I will make sure that his legacy lives on. 

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