Carina Castagna NYFW Fall 2018 The question always exist. Can a pretty model be both successful and smart? The answer is absolutely yes, but you better be prepared to work. Carina is a sales manager training models and business majors wanting to learn about business marketing at Fashion Buyers Network, a professional Business Development Specialist who also does work as an actress and a model. The good news for models trying to make it in this industry is that if you are willing to go to college and work hard, Carina is the head of the Internship to Hired Program at Fashion Buyers Network. Reach out to her, connect and join her team.

So why join Carina Castagna? is she just a another pretty face? Well let the results speak for her.

The next clip shows when a real superstar takes the lead, she is then seen on the billboards of NYC in Times Square.

So whether you are a model, part time, full time or trying to break in. A college student with a passion for fashion or a business student looking a successful career as a Business Development Specialist. Request an interview to join Team Carina is her LinkedIn Profile. Connect with her directly

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