When one thinks of a model, the typical characteristics that come to mind are: tall, thin, and beautiful. Very rarely would one think “smart.” Thanks to Karlie Kloss the era of a ‘just a pretty face’ is over. At the sparkling age of 25 Kloss has not only taken the fashion world by storm but is now involving herself in the tech world.

In 2015 Kloss launched “Kode With Klossy” as a coding camp created to empower young girls to become leaders in tech. She states, “I’ve always been interested in science and math. That’s where I excelled as a student long before my modeling career.” Through meeting with numerous people and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley her eyes were opened as to how technology is transforming society. From this she decided to jump on the band-wagon and took a two week coding boot camp at the Flatiron School in Manhattan. The following year she implemented her own coding scholarship so that other girls could also learn the tricks of the trade as well as infiltrate a work space that is typically ran by males. Flatiron school, where her scholarship resides, has since grown to 50 camps in 25 cities, where 1,000 girls (this past summer) can learn HTML/CSS, Ruby and JavaScript, virtual reality programs, gaming and artificial intelligence

Kloss is hopeful and excited as she states, “They’re going to build the algorithms of our future because they have different perspectives of the world.” We wish all the young girls in this program all the best of luck as they are sure to be great innovators. Long live the era of being more than just a “pretty face.”


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