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Credit One Bank American Express Card + 3 Tips to Save on Fees With All Credit One Bank Credit Cards click here to apply now.

all right so today i will be reviewing the credit one bank american express card i will be talking about all the benefits and drawbacks of having this card by the end of this video you’ll be able to decide if this card is right for you also i will in this video talk about other credit one credit cards and if you are card holder already with one of these cards either the visa mastercard or american express i encourage you to watch this video because i’m sure you’re going to learn something you didn’t know about credit one and i have some tips on how you can save money with payments and fees so make sure you stay tuned and learn about how you can save a little extra money i have a very important update on this credit card offer something that just changed a month ago so this is current information on why the american express credit one card might be a really good fit for you now i found doing this video that i learned a lot and it’s not quite clear if it is the best card the american express version because you can see this chart right here this is what the different cards most of the credit one cards what they charge with annual fees you can see by this chart that there is an annual fee for the credit 1mx card and that there are other credit one credit cards that have no annual fee so by this you’re my thinking that one of these other credit one cards could be better but when we get into this video i’m going to talk about that and how that entire that might not be your best route at all so as you can see this american express card does have an annual fee i will talk about that and what you can do about it and whether or not you can have that fee waived and how that works so you know this video is not sponsored i do not have any arrangement with credit one i do have a website where i do have links that can help support the channel and it is a type of system where you can compare different credit cards and credit one is oftentimes one of those but it’s all up to you it’s this is my viewpoints on this credit card whether or not it’s right for you ultimately is your decision right now i do not have a review article on it the very next review i will post on my website will be for the credit one bank american express card you can will find the link in the description if i finished it or you can always visit and type in one bank american express card and it will come up i know that there’s going to be people watching this video that really dislike credit one i can understand that but the purpose of doing this video is to bring out all the things about credit one so that a person can make their decision for themselves on whether they want to get any credit one credit card and that is my goal today it’s about informing people about credit card offers if you dislike credit one and you want a unsecured credit card with no fees the last video i did i talked just about that if you would like to learn about different ways to build your credit with no fees check out that video but for some people credit one has been a key component in helping them build or rebuild their credit and from that i don’t highly recommend them but at the end of the day if it’s going to help you increase your credit score and get to the next level it does serve a purpose let’s talk about this american express card issued by credit one okay so the minimum credit limit with this card is 300 so that leads me to believe that you don’t need the strongest credit score in order to get approved for this offer this card is marketed as a credit card for fair credit but i do believe if you have i do believe if you’re still in the bad credit category but you’re very you’re getting close to fair credit you’ll probably get approved for this card too but if you have absolutely horrible credit right now this would be a very difficult credit card to get approved for but what you can do is visit credit one and there is a pre-qualification application when you are on the page for the credit one bank american express card you can fill that all out and if you have a good enough credit it will tell you whether or not you can get this credit card and i’m going to tell you this and i tell people about every time they go to one of these pre-qualification pages on any credit card company’s website they are very close to being accurate but they are not 100 but what this does is it allows you to see if you’re pre-qualified with a soft credit inquiry and if you go forward and fill out the full application then you do get a hard credit inquiry one thing i want people understand in this review video is that i did a lot of research i wanted to see if i could tell you something that you’re not going to find anywhere else so i in fact called credit one and i asked a series of questions questions that you may want the answers to and questions you may not have even thought of asking i want to say that i did call their customer service and i have heard in the past that a lot of people really really hate it and i didn’t have a bad experience i wouldn’t say i had an excellent experience but what i did was i asked a series of questions i got the answers and i went back and i asked them again just to make sure i had absolute clarification that what i am telling you right now is correct i feel that it should be correct but i’m more than anything recommend that you do further research on this card or any credit card that you want to apply for just to make sure you have an understanding exactly what the the terms are with okay so with the credit one mx card you’re not getting all the benefits that you do with the traditional american express card but it’s really surprising what you do get these are benefits that you don’t get with any of the other credit one credit cards so these features may be interesting to you and important but at the same time i do not see that it is recognized the same as having a typical american express card it’s not something that i think that the their system even recognizes so if you later apply for an american express card from the website i do not think that they’re really going to take consideration of this account only that if you have on-time credit history that is going to help increase your credit score and that’s how it’s going to help you get a card one thing that people get wrong about american express cards are they think you have to have very good to excellent credit in in order to have one and in fact that is not really the case there are cards like the american express green card this is a card that i have myself i did a review video on it and at the time of applying i had fair credit close to good credit i didn’t quite have good credit yet and i was able to get approved for this credit card so if you want an american express card and you think this is the only way that you can go about getting it now i would say if you wait six months or so and increase your credit score a little bit higher you probably could get approved for the american express green card or another offer from them just with just going up a few points in your credit score just like with credit one you can go to american express and they do have a pre-qualification part of their website where you can type in your information and with no hard credit inquiry they can let you know if you would qualify for any of their credit cards now so if you are trying to get an american express card this is one way you can go about it don’t forget if you find value in this video please like it and if you think it could help a friend please share it if you want to see my upcoming videos where i review credit cards just like i am doing right now subscribe to my channel and hit the bell notification and you’ll be notified of my newest videos so if you’re looking for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees this is not it they will charge you one dollar or three percent whichever is greater this is a lot of money when you consider if you’re just making a small purchase if you buy a coffee a cup of coffee somewhere and you make this charge you will essentially be charged for the cup of coffee plus one dollar so this is not the card to be taking on a vacation overseas now the card that would be probably the best for you would be a capital one credit card and any capital one credit card does not charge foreign transaction fees if you’re interested in trying to get a capital one card and they do have offers that help people build credit rebuild their credit you can go to capital one website and they have also a pre-qualification page that can help you find a credit card without getting a hard credit inquiry on your report you’ll have a good idea if you can get one of these cards so the interesting thing about this credit card is that it has a credit card protection plan that charges you 96 cents for every 100 that you charge which is kind of crazy when you think of that a lot of the rewards you’re going to earn will only be one percent so that basically negates your cash back rewards but it’s out there if you want it so basically what this american express credit one credit card has that the other cards don’t have is amex offers so in order to be a part of this you need to enroll in the program and then what you need to do is simply find offers then you add your offers and then you use your enrolled card to pay it’s that simple you’ll get a lot of key benefits that other credit cards for less than perfect credit frankly don’t offer so this is one of the reasons why this annual fee isn’t so bad and also that if you are interested in concert tickets you get the same access as with other american express cards so one strategy here is that people that really like these type of events you’re able to have this card solely to buy these special ticket offers so this is one reason people may have this card and hold on to this card in the past i have reviewed the credit one visa card and i have also talked once time before about this american express credit one credit card if you want to see these videos uh the links for them will be in the description below okay so if you want to learn even more about the credit one bank american express card check out the review from the credit shifu i put a link to it in the description of this video so what do i think about this credit card well i think it’s okay one thing you need to consider is that if you can get approved for this credit one bank card you could probably get approved for other credit cards with lower fees so you want to be mindful of what your credit score is and that maybe you can find a better deal and um but ultimately if you have a few lines of credit one two or three you might actually regardless of the fees i’ve talked about you may want to get this card to help you build your credit score faster because that’s what i talk about credit fast and the fees that you might be paying can in the long run help you build a higher credit score sooner so it’s not a horrible idea to get this card just make sure you understand your options with what’s available today since i’m all about telling you things that you may just may not know another way to get these special offers are not only through the credit one bank american express card but you can get it through the serve and the bluebird card as well these are prepaid cards so that could be an option that works better for you okay so this is an interesting thing about the annual fee and that is that you will be charged an annual fee the first year and the question you have is can i get that fee waived the next year and potentially you can but there is a trick to it and it is kind of something you need to know because it might impact you the next year if on the second year you call up and you request to have your annual fee removed they can remove it if your credit score is high enough and you have a good payment history with this credit card but you have to and this is the really interesting part of it you have to call every year to request that your annual fee is removed this is the only credit card i’ve ever heard of this happening with but you have to call yearly and as long as your credit standing is good with company and your credit score is high enough they will remove that fee every year the cash back rewards is different than with say with a card like the quick silver card because i have that card and when you’re building your cash back balance there’s like a little account that just starts building up your cash back rewards and you’re free to use them at any time you can use them as a statement credit or if you want to get a i believe they’ll issue a check if you want actual cash back you can do that but this card works a little differently it works much like the target red card which is they give you a almost like a discount so you’re not building up cash back in a bank whatever you earn in cash back gets applied to your statement every month so it’s something that you don’t it’s something that gets applied right away and you can think of it in this way you never have to worry that your rewards could potentially expire this can actually be a good thing because with some credit cards the credit card rewards eventually expire there are of course other cash back cards like the capital one quicksilver card where those rewards will not expire but there are a lot of credit cards there either if it’s cash back rewards or some kind of other rewards you have to be mindful and careful that the rewards you have earned don’t expire so is there a charge for requesting a credit line increase no there is not so is there a charge for requesting a credit line increase yes there is okay so i said there was a big update with the credit one bank american express card and it is a big update they are now offering five percent cash back in some categories these categories over here you will get five percent cash back and like i said before that five percent is applied towards your next credit card statement that’s how that works and if you are making purchases outside those categories then you will earn the one percent so that was one of the arguments that you’ve seen in the other reviews on this credit card saying that you get a meager of one percent cash back but now it is more than just one percent so this is another reason you might want to consider this credit card so with this amex credit one card your annual fee is 39 nothing else but the surprising thing that a lot of people don’t know is that and i asked like i said i asked questions and i asked this question remember earlier in this video i showed you the annual fee chart for most credit one bank credit cards and i showed that the american express credit one card had a 39 annual fee and then there were other credit one bank credit cards that had no annual fees so then automatically it appeared that those cards could be better because they had no annual fee well not everything appears the way it looks because the interesting thing is those cards with no annual fees have maintenance fees charged every month so you’re going to be charged each each month for having this card which ultimately adds up to be an annual fee in essence higher than that 39 you’re paying for the american express card and remember when i said before you could pay that annual fee the first year and then the the second and then every year after you can call up and request to have that fee removed and that could happen so this is why i think ultimately this credit one bank american express card is better than all the other credit one bank cards because you can have a lower fees like lower um because you can avoid maintenance fees and after the second third fourth year have no annual fee and at the same time have access to mx offers and get all those benefits that the other credit one bank credit cards don’t have so i’m going to say out of all the credit one bank credit cards if you had to have one if you really had to have one this one would be the best card there are a lot of benefits like car rental insurance that you get with this card that many other credit cards for less than perfect credit fair credit will not offer you okay so this is some really important information like i told you this is important information when you’re making a payment no matter which credit one bank credit card you have so if you currently have one and you don’t like the fact that they are charging you interest from day one they start compounding interest as soon as you charge well i have something that’s going to help you and you can apply this to any of the credit one bank cards that you may have when you’re making a payment you can only make a payment for whatever your amount of your bill is so if you bought something for five dollars you can only make a payment for five dollars online but if you have paper statements mailed to your home you and this is the tip you can actually write a check say you can write a check for 100 so this is the big tip so once your statement is paid you will have a credit balance of 95 in your account and when you make purchases you will only be charged i believe interest for that first day so you’re not waiting thirty days to make a payment so you’re going to be saving money down the line doing it this way so this is an interesting way of avoiding interest with credit one credit cards they probably don’t want you to know this but that’s why i’m here my job is to help save you money all right i talked about the credit card maintenance fees and you probably are going to ask can you get those waived in a way you can what you need to do if you have on-time payment history you need to call and ask for that and they’ll look at your account they might look at your credit score and they might be able to work with you but these fees that are removed or these maintenance fees they’re only going to be stopped for a short period of time it could be three months six months it’s not like when you call that you’re going to have these fees removed from your account permanently or for 12 months this is going to be a short period of time so in a way you’re going to have to keep calling and asking to have them removed so this is a way of keeping your account open longer so that you can build that positive credit history a little bit longer an extra three months or six months can be beneficial to your credit score so this is one strategy you can use and then ultimately the purpose of this card is to help you build credit and if you’re being charged a lot of fees you can always cancel and move on to other cards that have lower fees or no fees at all again they probably don’t want me to tell you about this but my job is to help you and not any bank so by now you should know whether the credit one bank american express card is right for you or not if you still want to compare other credit cards or learn more on how you can build your credit score faster check out these videos here don’t forget to like this video and if you want to see my newest videos don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell notification until next time

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out for Internships | The Intern Hustle

Hey guys, I’m Jenna Rein. And this is The Intern Hustle’s YouTube channel. I share new videos every Monday to help you flex your initiative muscle and take control of your future. In today’s video I’m sharing a few tips on how you can make your resume stand out for internships. Now if you’re new here, you may be thinking cool Jenna — Who are you and why do you know about this? Well, if you want my full story you can head over to and check it out, but the short story is I had four internships in college (a couple of which were extremely competitive to get my foot in the door at) And so I know a thing or two about how to get yourself the best shot at the internship by putting together a solid resume.

Hey there, I’m Jenna Rein from and this is Initiative Muscle Monday, helping you to start each week with an intentional step toward a successful future. Let’s do this! Now before I go into the tips, I want to start by saying… Set aside the time to work on your resume, and then do it. Your resume always takes more time than you think it will and if you want to do it right, you need to plan ahead and give yourself the time to do a quality job. Okay, Let’s break down the tips. Start by gathering relevant experiences as early as you can. If you’re still in high school or early in your college years, what jobs can you get now that will help you stand out when you’re applying for internships you want later? For example, in high school I really already had an interest in training athletes. And so no, I hadn’t applied to my major yet or taken any classes to test my interest, but it was an interest of mine and I decided to pay attention to it.

I decided to find a job in high school that would translate into relevant experience later. I ended up getting a fitness floor position at a reputable health club. Was it glamorous? No. I wiped sweat off weight machines as part of my job. But what high school job really is that glamorous? Definitely an upgrade from changing diapers while babysitting I will tell you that. But it did give me hands-on experience in a training setting, and more importantly in the future when I was applying for internships, it showed companies that I was intentional from an early age. I wasn’t just trying to check a box and get an internship. I had previous experience in this field and I was willing to put in the work. So as you work to gather this relevant experience start to create inventory of it. Keep a journal about things you learn on the job. Hard skills, like new softwares (or maybe you learned Adobe Photoshop), machine operations, or training certifications you’ve obtained. And soft skills you’ve developed like, communication, or time management, problem-solving.

Next, be sure to capture specific volunteer or extracurricular experience you have as well — specific things you’ve done in college that showcase the skills and interests that you have. And if you haven’t been documenting your experience as you go and you’re just now playing catch-up, go ahead and follow this exercise: I want you to set a timer for twenty to thirty minutes and write down any and all experience that comes to mind. Just get your juices flowing. Nothing’s stupid. This is just for your reference. You will be amazed with how much comes up as you start brainstorming and putting pen to paper. Okay. Got your experience inventory? Great! We will come back to this in a minute. Now this next point you’re gonna hear a lot, but it’s because it’s important… Imagine that? Make sure that you tailor your resume to each and every internship position that you’re applying for. Why? Because recruiters are receiving A LOT of resumes, and on average they’re only scanning your resume for about six seconds before deciding if they’re gonna move it forward to next steps or put it in the trash can.

So if you fail to speak to what a recruiter is looking for on your resume, then you can pretty much guarantee your resumes going into the trash can. Now I know if you’re applying to a lot of internships this can seem like a lot of work. Unique resumes for every application? But that’s exactly why you should take the extra time to do it. Because most of your peers aren’t. Spend a little bit more time upfront and gift yourself the wonderful benefit of out-shining your competition. Now the best way to do this is to pull up the job description for the internships you’re applying for, and the details about the company values and culture. Then pull up your experience inventory and start connecting the dots. Not all of it has to be a pure hard skill connection to what they’re looking for. You can also draw attention to other experience you have — volunteer, extracurriculars, ties into their company culture — look for parallels and craft your resume accordingly.

Be interesting and show your personality. Always start your bullet points on your resume with the most relevant accomplishments first. Now notice I said accomplishments and not responsibilities. That’s because no one cares what you were responsible for. How are they supposed to know that you actually did what you are responsible for? They want to know what you accomplished and the best way to show someone what you accomplished is by giving them concrete examples and showing them the numbers.

Quantify wherever you can. So back to my high school job as a fitness floor trainer… Maybe instead of just saying, instructed members on proper use of weightlifting machines. I could say, led an average of 15, 30-minute introduction to weightlifting sessions with club members each week. So when it comes to tailoring your resume, and creating stand out quantifiable accomplishments, I know you can do it. You just have to put in a little effort. No matter how little experience you have, it is possible So give it a try and tailor your experience. And then try harder. And if you find you want some help, I happen to be pretty good at this… just sayin’. You can sign up for a one on one resume review session with me and I will show you how it’s done. I’ll link to that in the description below if you’re interested, and you can check it out after this video.

I will be back in future videos with common resume mistakes to avoid and all the tips you need to format your resume like a boss. If you feel like getting a head start on the formatting part, I do have a comprehensive resume review checklist that you can download for free now and be well on your way. I’ll link to that in the description below. Finally, if you found this video helpful, and you want to see more like it, please give it a like and share it with a friend or two. And then subscribe to this channel so that you’re in the loop when the next resume review videos are released.

This is a new channel, so all of the love helps. Thanks guys, I will see you back here next Monday with another video..

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How the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine is transforming how students learn

[Music] by this year 2020 medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days every moment we spend with them has to be high-value we have to really be training master learners not master memorizers when we had the opportunity to build this new facility it really gave us an opportunity to rethink medical education we wanted to build a technology platform in a building that would support potentially decades of innovation in the future when you have active learning and you’re engaging their mind we know that they don’t have to study as much later so anything that you can do to make that material easier to grasp I think is really important but it was critical that we knew we were using technological tools that were perfect fits to that pedagogics eerie that educational theory and that led naturally to Microsoft our initial design in this building was actually very traditional we had monitors on the walls around the classrooms we moved away from that we pulled the technology into the room and used a surface hub to’s to really build a platform that could move throughout the building hubs can be used in a conference room they could go up to a director’s office or they could stay there and support the learning in that space the building has been designed in terms of space with lots of small group learning technology infused within those to allow for collaborating around hubs and white boards etc exactly as we envisioned the surface hub is intended for you to interact with and so that a layout of a room is completely different to encourage adoption of that technique we have an experience or learning lab on the third floor of the building where the walls can actually be moved around and you can construct whatever space you need trying to make things more engaged more active technology creates behavior and space enables behavior and so bringing those two things together to really help focus on adoption of technologies students be able to join in into a classroom experience no matter where they are how we selected Microsoft teams for that you can be in multiple small group sessions simultaneously you can be in your lab and teach you a small group it expands and leverages our faculty in a way that makes it much more efficient vision for teams really is to deliberately allow more synchronous and asynchronous learning embedded into our DNA is this concept of continuous quality improvement understanding how the human brain works and understanding how we learn more efficiently and effectively again leveraging technology being innovative is really about how do you simplify delegate to the computer world which should be delegated to the computer world and then what happens is then the human beings have the time-space energy to be doing the things that human beings are really good at [Music] you

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Instagram Influencer With 2.6 Million Followers Can’t Even Sell 36 Shirts

Influencers, you either follow one of Instagram Charlotte: Know of someone who is one in real life or know someone who is trying to become one… The definition of an influencer is “a person or thing that influences another, someone with the ability to influence a product or service by promoting it on social media” Well sadly, a influencer with 2.6 Million followers just discovered today that she’s not all the influential when she failed to sell 36 shirts off her new clothing line.

Welcome back to inform overload, we tell you the news and we make it entertaining, I’m Charlotte Dobre And I’m Mikael Melo and today we’re giving you a double dose of realness cause boy do the two of us have a story for you. But before we get started hit that sub button to get more of me and Mikael, and make sure those notifications are on so you never miss another IO video. and while on the topic of influencers and followers, why not follow Inform Overload on Instagram where you can get lots of fun stuff like this photo of Johnny dabbin with bacon And I guess while youre at it you could also follow Mikael and I on instagram So we can sell you our tshirts Charlotte: and hopefully have 36 of you buy it… Jokes aside let’s dive into today’s Inform Overload story! Instagram influencer Arii, rose to fame through the app, she has over 2.6 Million followers on Instagram and 837k subscribers on YouTube.

She’s also only 18 years old.. Having a huge online presence, you’d expect Arri to be able to have some kind of influencer on her followers. Well after she launched her clothing line ERA the 18 year old faced the harsh reality that followers aren’t exactly everything. Arii wrote in a now deleted post “hi, it breaks my heart to have to write this post. As ya’ll know i released my brand. Ive poured my heart into this drop. For my photoshoot, i flew out a photographer and make up artist, and i planned weeks ahead and was lucky enough to gather some friends who modeled for me. I rented out a huge photo studio for the day so i could get as many shots and video promo shots as i could.

But unfoutanely the company that im working with goes based on your first drop dales. In order for them to order and make my products (even to keep working with them) i have to sell atleast 36 pieces. The 18 year old girl with 2.6 Million followers who couldn’t sell 36 tshirts continued by saying “knowing i’ve become super irrelevant, i already knew it was gonna be hard) but i was getting such good feedback that people loved it and were gonna buy it. No one has kept their word so now the company wont be able to send out the orders to people who actually bought and it breaks my heart” Arii let her followers know that the very few who did purchase merchandise would be refunded. But before finishing her length post she did throw some shade towards her unsupportive friends and followers.

She wrote “I sent out PR packages to friends but i didnt get any feed back from them, which I can understand people are busy and i don’t expect to be their number 1 priority) aside from that, the people i thought would suppport me, really didn’t nor did they share any of my posts (all I asked for), sounds bitchy but like no shade to anyone, ive supported everyone’s music or whatever theyved asked for my support on and i couldnt even get it in return”.

Kinda sad, but also kinda a good wake up call. The internet didn’t quite love Arii’s post and had a lot to say about it. One user tweeted “The Influencer bubble is bursting. This young lady has well over 2 million followers and couldn’t sell 36 shirts. Focus on genuine engagement and not followers cuz they ain’t gonna buy a thing!” Others were quick to point out that she didn’t really have a set brand, saying “skimming her ig, it looks like she just didn’t have a real “brand” other than taking cute photos of herself, there was no videos, no comedy, nothing inspirtational. I think she mistook people liking her asethetic as “a brand” Now I’m not Marketer but I do no a thing or two about Instagram, and as one twitter user Jack Appleby wrote in a Twitter thread, there’s a lot to consider about this failed clothing line. For starters when you compare the product to her actually feel they aren’t eben close to the same aesthetic, if her followers can invision her wearing any of the clothes then why would they want to buy them.

NEXT ISSUE, she announced the clothing line with a video, did one promo post and THEN she announced it failed only after 13 days. These things take time, why do you think people heavily promote their albums, movies, and books MONTHS in advance before the release it?! It’s because marketing works! Unless you’re Beyonce or Drake you can’t just drop something and expect it to succeed right away, you got to work at it. Influencers can build successful brands and product lines on their own. But they have to know their audience, understand how to develop and market those products. The other thing is is that this girl is only 18 years old, she has no much to learn and this will be a great learning experience for her. Some of her fans tweeted “Constructive criticism: nothing about your brand is new or innovating, we’ve seen it before. If u want to sell, sell something original and creative, good luck ari!” another chimed in by saying “your merch was super basic..

You’re living in an influencer bubble. No follower really gives a fuck about you, they just follow you cause you look pretty but thats about it, try to be genuine” Arii ending her post off with “this is a setback and a wake up call to work harder for what i want and to never give up!! this isn’t the end of my brand”.

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Read More: How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business (Strategies & Examples)

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Art Hearts Presents The Black Tape Project Miami Swim Week

trendy young woman sitting on red stairs

The Black Tape Project A note from the artist: One day in 2008 I was a rookie photographer who was working with a model that suggested I use electrical tape on her for the last look. I honestly had no idea why she would want this but to make her happy I attempted to use this tape as wardrobe. Essentially I just wrapped her in black electrical tape! Mind you she looked like 2 Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done! (I’d never show you these images!) However, it sparked an idea in my head to develop this idea. In the following weeks I asked a few models that I had worked with in the past to let me practice on them. That was the moment the designs started to evolve! Although primitive with a lot of trial and error, I remember thinking I was definitely on to something. I began to notice that the way the lines of tape would compliment the figure was unlike any wardrobe or fashion out there. By 2012 I was selling my creative services to local night clubs in Miami. During this time I must have worked at about every night club in the area. This is when people really began to take notice. The venues I would be working at would post pics of the models I taped for the night which then resulted in other venues calling for rates. This was during the Myspace era. The next thing I knew, I was flying all over the place to places like Ibiza, Norway and Canada. A fews years later once Instagram caught on, it gave me an incredible platform to showcase my work. That’s when things really began to thrive. I would receive 100s of DMs daily from countries all over the world inquiring to book me for music festivals and nightclub appearances. Although this art project started exclusively with black electrical tape I had begun to experiment with different techniques and new forms of adhesive tapes. I started working with reflective tape in 2014 but didn’t release any of the images of this concept, feeling that people might still be more receptive to the original black tape. Years later at a charity event in Haiti, I was able to work with former Miss Puerto Rico and use the gold tape in a tropical setting. I took a 15 sec cellphone video of her in the gold body tape and immediately posted it to our Facebook page. Within 3 days it had over 7 million views along with over 50k shares worldwide. My emails, DM’s and phone blew up with requests for TV & radio interviews, articles in national news outlets as well as magazines. I was so shocked and remember asking myself, is this all because of tape art? From that point forward I have been working to improve the designs of the tape, while being able to meet some incredible people along the way. Traveling the world to exhibit this new artistic medium is truly a dream come true and I promise that the best is yet to come! #arthearts #miamiswimweek

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Fashion Buyers Network to promote Z ZEGNA

Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian luxury fashion house. Founded by Ermenegildo Zegna in 1910, in Trivero, Biella Province of the Piedmont Region of Northern Italy, Ermenegildo Zegna remains one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. You can find the latest Zegna products at

Promotion of designers at Fashion Buyers Network is dome by a combination of full time Business Development Specialists, Managers and Interns from our Intern to Hire Program. If you are looking for an Internships that leads to employment with us or our members, please visit

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Thank you to the students from Seton Hall University – aka the pirate team

As we finally occupy our office space in Mahwah NJ. We would like to thank the team for creating our new video describing what we do. As our pirates finish their Internship to Hire Program, they are starting their careers as Business Development Managers. Most are now working remotely in the new Covid -19 era and are taking advantage of the qaurentine to get theri certifications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales and Dynamics 365 and Supply Chain Commerce.

They make us Pirate Proud.

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Back in NJ

As part of our restructing and the retirement our of our founder, we are moving back to NJ.

Our new offices currently shared with the Sanchez Family Foundation will be in Mahwah NJ. Many of our staff will be re-locating from Chicago Illinois to New Jersey. Please bare with us, the Covid-19 crises has made our move very difficult, since we now have office space waiting for furniture, computer network installs and a staff who can only visit the office in limited numbers and times.