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Make use of the clothes in your closet!

Posted on December 20, 2017 By In Colleges , Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg With no comments

Photographer: Michelle Salgado

Deciding what to wear for work, school, family gatherings, the gym… Do you feel like every time you look in your closet you can’t find anything to wear?

Every day, I hear people saying I didn’t have anything to wear so I just wore this… or I don’t know what to wear… or I have this event and I’m not sure how to dress… or I went to the mall to get some clothes and I can’t find anything to wear… I have heard it all. To be honest I used to be that person too. However, after going to school for fashion design, I have grasped a better sense of style and understanding of what goes with what and what’s appropriate for just about every occasion. In reality, it’s not that we don’t have anything to wear in our closet, it’s how to wear what’s in our closet. We all have clothes and we bought those clothes because there was something special about it that we liked. Whether, it made us look tall and slender, or it was a big comfy sweater that could be worn on a cold winter day or maybe it was just the design on it that we liked. We do own a closet full of stuff. Now, when we shop, most of the time, we buy one top from one store, a pair of pants from a different store and some shoes from another store. We typically don’t buy all of our outfits at the same time from the same store. Therefore, we need to figure out how to pair each individual article of clothing with each other. It’s like going to an art store and buying a paint brush and some paint. We have the proper tools to paint a beautiful picture however, we aren’t all going to magically be Leonardo de Vinci. We need practice and guidance on how we can get there.

Now, when it comes to clothes I for one know you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on every outfit you wear. The most important thing is to have some basic essentials that you can constantly mix and match with each other. Even adding a scarf or a necklace to a basic outfit can really add to your look.

Photographer: Sandy Zmuda

The last aspect of figuring out what to wear is how you feel in it? Every day when I get ready I think to myself, do I look good? One of the most important things to an outfit is how it makes you feel about yourself? When you look good, you will feel good. So, stopping wondering what other people think of you. I promise you, if you feel good it will show and when it shows, everyone around you will notice.

If this is something you’re constantly struggling with, then stay connected to my blog for more posts on what I wear for different occasions and how you can use your own clothes to do the same!