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Tips Nobody Told Me About Wedding Planning | Advice & How To

hi welcome back to my channel if you’ve been here before if you are new here hi hello nice to meet you I am Carrie red today’s video is going to be about wedding planning we’re gonna be talking about the truth about planning a wedding I’ve been in the wedding planning journey in about a week it’s going to be four months until our wedding and getting excited as we get closer but there are a lot of motions that you feel along the way of wedding planning it can be quite a roller coaster and so I’m excited to share with you guys the honest story of our engagement exactly how it’s been since then and kind of how I’ve felt along the way we’re gonna also talk about tangible advice and tips for you guys because I’ve definitely learned some things along the way because we essentially had a year to plan the wedding so I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to chat with you guys about all of the details the more you share about wedding planning the more I realized that there are a lot of you that are in the process you’re either newly engaged or you’re planning the wedding or you’re getting married next month so that’s pretty cool so if I can share this to help out you guys at all I’m happy to do so I’m also wearing this blanket on the bottom half of my body right now because I’m so cold our house it’s so cold right now because I had to turn off the heater because it’s so loud so I don’t want you guys to hear at the heater the whole time in this video so essentially I am freezing my toes in my bum off for you guys before we get into the video please take a moment to make sure that you are subscribed to my channel and that you guys have your notifications turned on set to all for me so that you’ve never missed any video from me I’m posting more than I usually do so there’s a lot of different videos coming up but they are sporadic so if you have the notifications turned on and said to all you’ll never miss a new video from me first let’s talk about the engagement because the wedding planning started shortly after that on November 19th 2018 Alex asked me to marry him he asked me to marry him at our local beach we were there for the day just hanging out we were taking photos and he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him and then his friend Carlos came out of nowhere and his friend Carlos is a photographer so he got the you know the video and shots so I posted it on Instagram if you guys to see the moment that it happened you can go to my Instagram at Kerry rad I posted it on November 21st so when Alex asked me to marry him I took a couple of days and I just enjoyed not telling anybody I just told my really close friends and my family that we were engaged and I just kind of celebrated with family he asked me to marry him right before Thanksgiving so after he asked me to marry him we went home and both of our families came together and it was sort of like an engagement party and Thanksgiving all at once because we were able to celebrate the engagement with both families like right after so I loved that he did it just him and I right before Thanksgiving cuz it was like privately he asked me and then we were able to turn right around and celebrate with family the next day I’m gonna be totally honest I did not grow up dreaming about my wedding day it’s never been something that I knew I had to do when I was younger I didn’t think of oh my gosh what kind of dress am I gonna wear what’s my big day gonna be like Who am I going to marry as I got older I also started realizing like hmm I don’t think that I’m a wedding kind of girl like I just don’t think that I’m interested in having a wedding I think that when I find the person I want to marry I’m probably going to elope because I just don’t really care about having a wedding and that’s just how I’ve always felt after Alex and I got engaged I still felt very similar to that like when Alex and I would talk about how we would get married we talked about eloping somewhere random we love to travel so we were just throwing out ideas and just thinking of different ways that we could do it with some friends and family that were close we didn’t want to make it a big thing as time went on after we got engaged it was easier for me to envision a wedding which actually surprised myself I was surprised that I started leaning towards thinking about the option of having a wedding because that wasn’t something that existed in me before but again something shifted I started thinking about celebrating our love I started thinking about our friends and family and I started talking to family and friends more about it and started realizing that people wanted to be a part of our day and honestly the more that I talked to Alex about it made me want to do it more because he was interested in having a wedding and he thought it would be fun and beautiful and the fact that my partner wanted to do it too and when we would dream it up together it was so fun to talk about that really helped lead me into the direction of wanting to do a wedding if I ended up getting engaged to somebody who just absolutely was not interested in a wedding or just didn’t really care I probably would not be doing a wedding right now but because we were both kind of dreaming it up together it made me want it so much more and I think that that’s what really helped me shift because I’m the type of person that’s always like I don’t want to inconvenience anybody like we’ll do our thing over here you guys do your thing like no big deal and then the more I started realizing like okay people love us and they love our love and they want to be part of it and I love our love and I want to celebrate it and it just started to unfold that way now we hadn’t decided to have a wedding until we found a venue and that’s gonna be my first tip for you guys is if you are set on planning a wedding and you know you want to plan a wedding the very first thing that I recommend you do is to pick your venue because it’s hard to pick a date and it’s hard to imagine anything else if you don’t have a venue in mind so that’s how our wedding started to unfold we looked at one place in Topanga Canyon that Alex actually found when he was on a motorcycle ride he saw a wedding party in this area that we always go to and he thought oh Carrie check on that because it looks like there’s a wedding venue here so I looked it up and I found a place that we could go look at and so we went in we immediately realized that it felt so much like us and that it was in an area that we loved that was meaningful to our relationship we would always go to Topanga to a little weekend getaway when we first started dating it feels peaceful to us and it’s just an important part of our relationship so it was kind of like a no-brainer that this was the place and there are some like beautiful little restaurants nearby that we knew we could do rehearsal dinner or brunch at and so it all just started to unfold like that once you pick a venue that makes sense with your budget and that makes sense for you guys as a couple then you’re able to unfold everything else because you want to pick things that make sense with that venue whether it be the colors or the themes or however you want to do your wedding you kind of are gonna think about okay this is like is this venue more rustic is it more garden is it more farmhouse like what is the vibe and then you can unfold all of your decor floral colors everything after that tip number two do not give yourself too many options if you give yourself endless options you are going to be going crazy trying to make decisions the wedding industry is ginormous and weddings are really popular so there are so many options to be making and once you start making decisions you’re gonna notice that there are tons of decisions that you will be making along the way the entire time of wedding planning so if you narrow down your search and if you really only give yourself like a couple of options in terms of okay I need to find a wedding dress I’m gonna pick two brands that I love and I’m going to pick a dress from those two brands and that’s what I did for example with my wedding dress I only went to two different places that I knew of and I ended up narrowing my search down to one place so I went to to try ons and I didn’t try on too many dresses I kind of had a clear idea of what type of dress I wanted but I didn’t want to be so fussy about the dress because in all honesty there are so many beautiful dresses and you just want to feel good in it but it doesn’t have to be like the biggest decision of your life and I made a conscious decision to keep this mindset throughout the whole entire wedding planning because I understand that some people feel like they want to know all their options out there but that is not the way I like it for me I’m like I want to narrow down the search and I don’t want to have all the options I want to find a couple things that I like and pick within there my next piece of advice is to give yourself time I know that there are people out there who like to throw a wedding together within five months which I understand and if that’s the way you want to do it to each their own everybody should do their wedding planning process the way they want to but I feel like having as much time as we’ve had has been helpful in many different ways obviously we have more time to plan so it doesn’t feel like it’s crunch time and we’re constantly stressed about it and also I’ve noticed that throughout the wedding planning process I’ve changed emotionally throughout it I’ve liked having time because I’ve realized that one month I might feel like wow this is too overwhelming but then the next month I jump back into this is so exciting and I cannot wait so it’s an ebb and flow of feelings and I’ve come to realize that that’s okay and that that’s going to happen and that it’s natural and so having that time to navigate that has allowed me to have time to reflect on the feelings I’m feeling and has allowed me to kind of get myself into the mindset of being present through the wedding planning process when it comes to the creative part of the wedding planning process which is my absolute favorite part I love thinking about like the flowers and the colors and how everything will come together that’s why I do what I do for a living I love creating things from like scratch from nothing and seeing them visually and so that is my favorite part of the wedding planning process and what I would recommend for that is to come up with a mood board like an inspiration board I used my Pages app on my macbook and I just started putting photos together I love going on Pinterest or Instagram has been a huge help in my inspo and also a huge help in me finding different vendors that I want to go with I’ve found probably three or four of my vendors just from Instagram because I use the saved feature on there and I just save ideas I have like a wedding saved like album on my insta and then I take all of those inspiration photos together and I put them all on a document together I probably have about three different ones that I’ve created just like with kind of the same vibe but different inspiration shot and these come in so helpful not only for you to understand and have a clear idea of what you want but also for your vendors when you hire a vendor whether it be floral or dinnerware or you hire a wedding planner you can send them your little inspiration mood board so that they can have a clearer idea of what colors you want to work with and kind of the vibe that you’re going for so they come in super handy and when you kind of forget what you’re even looking to do like sometimes I’m like what colors am i doing like what am i doing again I just go back to the board and I’m like oh yeah I remember like this is kind of what I want it to look like and all of that good stuff so little mood boards are very good my next tip is to try hard not to listen to what other people think people are going to give you their opinions along the way it’s just the way it is because people are involved and people that love you are going to give you your opinions because we are human beings and people like to talk and people like to give advice and so just remember that people will do that and instead of getting upset about people’s opinions just let it go in and out it’s like meditation when a thought comes in you let it in and then you let it go that’s why meditation is so helpful in dealing with like communication and dealing with human beings because that’s what meditation teaches us and so think of it like meditation just take in what they’re saying and let it go because at the end of the day weddings can be traditional they can be untraditional they can be whatever you want it to be it doesn’t have to be cookie cutter nothing has to be the way that other people do it it can be anything you want it to be and don’t be afraid to steer away from the traditional route like we’re doing some things traditionally and we’re doing some things that are not traditional at all and we’re definitely doing a couple things that some people might think are weird and that’s okay because it’s us and we feel comfortable with them and we’re excited to make it different because I think that that’s what life is all about like you don’t have to do the same thing that everybody else is doing you should be doing what you think is cool what you think is exciting what what gets you and your fiancee excited about the wedding day is exactly what you should be paying attention to it is exactly what you should be doing because if you listen to other people you’re gonna end up with something that isn’t you and you’re also gonna regret it because if you end up looking back at your wedding day and thinking I wish I would have just gone with what I wanted to do you know I hear that a lot of the time when people talk about their wedding day and so I think that before if you think about just saying okay I hear you taking in people’s advice but just at the end of the day do what you want to do so that you end up being happy on your day my last tip is to be honest and to do what feels right and this can go hand in hand with my last tip but within this tip I want to reiterate the fact of being honest be honest with yourself and be honest with others along the way and this can look like different things along the path of wedding planning being honest with yourself about exactly what you want and being honest with your partner about how you feel in the wedding planning process I know for me having Alex’s emotional support has been the most important thing honestly because I can be honest with him I can be honest about him when I’m not into it I could be honest with him what I’m excited about it I can chat with him about it and the cool thing is is like we don’t talk about it all the time we go on dinner dates and we don’t even talk one time about the wedding it’s not something that we talk about all the time we talk about where we want to travel to this year we talk about future plans we’re not talking all the time about the wedding which I think is really helpful for us because if that’s all we were talking about then we probably get annoyed and overwhelmed and kind of over it by now so avoid talking about it all the time but do be honest when you do talk about it and when you talk about to your friends and you’re feeling over well and you’re like freaking out about it be honest with them the more we’re honest about how we feel in these big life moments the more people are aware of what they actually feel like I feel like people have a tendency to like sugarcoat things and make it seem like they’re always constantly like so happy about the wedding planning process but once you get in it you realize that like it’s not all rainbows and butterflies like there’s a lot to do logistical II because you’re essentially throwing a very big party and even if you are throwing a small party there’s logistics involved so it’s not rainbows and butterflies the whole time there are things you have to figure out and you’re gonna feel great some days and some days you’re gonna feel overwhelmed and that is okay that is life I hope this video has been helpful to you guys I hope that it has given you some emotional support and I hope that it has given you some tangible tips that you could take with you along the way so thank you guys so much for watching this video keep up with me on instagram at kerri ride because I’m posting different things about the wedding planning process throughout the way and I’d love to share that with you guys over on instagram comment below and let’s talk weddings in general I feel like there is so much you can talk about when it comes to weddings and I am deep in in right now so let’s just have a conversation let me know if you want to have a wedding Eric if you don’t want to have a wedding have you had a wedding what was it like what are some tips and advice that you can give me let me know in the comments thank you guys so much for watching this video I will see you guys super soon in an all-new video I love you to the moon and back bye

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