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Why I Love the Fashion Buyers Network

Posted on December 15, 2017 By In Employment , Internships With no comments

With the relaunch of Fashion Buyers Network, you might be asking yourself, “Why Fashion Buyers Network?” or “What makes Fashion Buyers Network stand out?”

Fashion Buyers Network is a second chance for designers. Fashion designers are allowed to get loans, no matter WHAT their credit score is, which is a blessing. Credit scores easily can change, sometimes people do not know signing up for that Victoria Secret credit card and buying a new bottle of perfume can seriously damage a person’s credit. An innocent mistake should not make or break a person trying to make it in their dream field. That’s why I personally love the Fashion Buyers Network. Other huge companies like Amazon and Microsoft believe in Fashion Buyers Network and even help designers get their clothes on the market.

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However, Fashion Buyers Network doesn’t stop there. It provides internship opportunities for college students, for students like me. IT gives a chance to complete online lessons in sales, Microsoft, Google Tag, and much more. FBN gives interns chance to work in sales and in affiliate marketing. FBN even provides a great networking area for designers, businesses, and other students across the world.

Welcome to the relaunch of Fashion Buyers Network. Read more about us. Get to know us. (In my personal opinion, I have met some of the kindest, most hardworking people here. They will help you with whatever you ask!) Hopefully, you will join our family here at Fashion Buyers Network!

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