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A Day Made of Glass Extended Montage (5-minute – 2013)

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As found on YouTube and published by Fashion Buyers Network Interns, Members and Staff

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A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked. The Story Behind Corning’s Vision. (2012)

in early 2011 calling a global specialty glass and ceramics manufacturer based in upstate New York created a video called a day made of glass Corning published this video online and give us all a glimpse into the near future in a remarkably short period of time this visionary video captured the imaginations of millions while demonstrating how highly engineered glass with companion technologies will help shape our world in this video we’ve built upon that vision it’s still a day made of glass but we’ve expanded our thinking and we take you to a few different places in this version I’ll be your guide along the way we’ll pause to examine some of the technologies displayed and I’ll talk about what’s possible and what’s not so follow me as we visit a day in the future right now let’s go inside this is Amy’s room she’s not quite awake yet and this is her tablet these will be as commonplace as the mobile phone is today Oh looks like our lands about to go off Amy’s tablet captures organizers and displays all her favorite things it also helps her at school and manages her schedule it’s incase entirely in an incredibly thin lightweight highly durable glass with specialized optics a bedroom window it’s electrochromic it changes state from opaque to transparent on-demand now I’m not sure if you noticed but this closet door is actually a display driven by Amy’s tablet all the intelligence that you see on this display all these apps they’re all residing and running on Amy’s tablet this display spans the entire door it has its own small footprint operating system and is smart enough to be aware of Amy’s device and based upon proximity and other rules I knows what to display and in what format to make this part of Amy’s day a reality Corning is helping to deliver large-scale edge-to-edge displays corny looks to partners for operating systems and apps that seamlessly scale and transfer between tablets and larger displays ah looks like we’re off to school excellent let’s catch a ride shall we this is Sarah Amy’s sister her tablet is just like Amy’s it’s a primary computing device – uh-oh this looks like mischief this dashboard is made from formed thin durable glass it feels better than plastic and it looks better – it’s also a display which means it can take on the appearance of pretty much anything of course in driving mode its function is to display critical and ancillary driving information in tomorrow’s world configurable touch dashboards will be the norm will have displays everywhere not just in the home and in the office but in your car – notice how Sarah’s tablet was able to inform the car display that certainly did ok so how close are we to this well it’s doable now but not at this scale and not at an affordable price further innovation in manufacturing is needed to get us there on a broad scale automotive electrochromic glass that’s possible now and not just that corning can deliver window and sunroof glass solutions that offer reductions in vehicle gross weight of up to 50 pounds or 22 kilograms and that improves co2 emissions fuel consumption and having performance one thing is for certain tomorrow will be much better at harnessing energy from renewable sources at Corning was striving to improve solar technology there’s no reason to think that the rooftops of tomorrow will not be covered in low-cost high-efficiency photovoltaic cells and with improved aesthetics today’s unsightly solar panel will be tomorrow’s attractive architectural feature imagine a school that’s not just energy independent but a school it’s an energy provider now this is a classroom I would have been excited to be it there’s a display not just at the head of the class but on every desktop large-scale seamless thin durable glass all of it fronting low power small footprint operating systems that communicate and serve as displays for personal computing devices look at this have these been at school when I was a boy you wouldn’t been able to get me out of the classroom this is the class community activity table and again we see large-scale seamless design logic enabled durable multi-touch glass this may look like science fiction but these already exist today perhaps not in this size or in this setting but tables with interactive touch surfaces like this are being readied and deployed now a software and touch interfaces advanced Corning expects community activity tables and interactive wall displays to be featured in classrooms globally now let’s go and see what dad’s up to beautiful isn’t it all that logic encased in a low profile thin resilient touch sensitive glass I know what you’re thinking why would one want an all-glass room well for starters these walls could be active displays and configure for different situations depending on the required purpose of the room here Dan is in a videoconference and the entire glass wall has become the display edge-to-edge seamless and touch sensitive it’s as if the remote location were now part of his room making it easier to share and collaborate now that’s breaking down barriers this is really going to change the way we work in here all these surfaces on all this equipment a glass its pristine non-porous and easy cleaning qualities make it ideal for sterile environments or any place where bacteria and viruses need to be contained and with Corning’s research efforts in the area of antimicrobial surface technology we imagine a specialty glass that inhibits the growth of microorganisms with that our tomorrow could be a safer place pretty amazing isn’t it all that data captured a world away transported then displayed here all in the blink of an eye Wow although just imagine the bandwidth needed to carry the data for this projection and for that next generation High Definition glass video display simultaneously yeah a lot well we’re thinking about that at Corning too which is why we’re preparing our glass optical fiber products to carry the massive surge in bandwidth required for scenarios just like this that’s look quite the job doesn’t he let’s go see what he’s up to looks like she’s on the school field trip spectacular isn’t it a large-scale durable information wall made of glass this is dynamic interactive signage at an entirely different level it creates a barrier where you need one it’s informative its interactive its aesthetically pleasing it doesn’t block the landscape in fact in this case it enhances it and it’s made of glass when it’s not displaying information it’s transparent can we do this today not quite hiding all those electronics while retaining optical clarity is tricky at this scale we’ll get there though starting with smaller devices a bit like what these kids have perfect for augmenting reality let’s watch what goes on here these tablets with onboard 3d cameras sophisticated micro processors and graphics subsystems can perform quickly enough to make sense of the immediate environment and to augment it with additional relevant content all wrapped up in a durable thin glass perfect for education I’m perfect for a bit of fun too that was an exciting day for Amy and here at home her tablet drives the family room edge-to-edge wall display proximity-based authentication is all that’s needed to establish a pairing now she can share all the best bits of her field trip with her family in next-gen high-definition 3d so here we are at the end right as Sarah completes her homework and prepares for bed the glass optical fiber lighting dims and the house settles in for the close of a day made of glass of course this is not just a story about glass it’s a story about a shift in the way we will communicate and use technology in the future it’s a story about ubiquitous displays open operating systems shared applications cloud media storage and unlimited bandwidth we know there are many obstacles to be overcome before what we’ve just seen can become an attainable reliable reality but at Corning we believe in this vision and we’re not waiting care to join us

Read More: A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning. (2011)

As found on YouTube and published by Fashion Buyers Network Interns, Members and Staff

The post A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked. The Story Behind Corning’s Vision. (2012) first appeared on Sanchez Family Foundation.
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A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning. (2011)

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As found on YouTube and published by Fashion Buyers Network Interns, Members and Staff

The post A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning. (2011) first appeared on Sanchez Family Foundation.