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Why NJ?

Posted on April 5, 2019 By In Employment , Internship , Uncategorized With no comments

Yes, we are moving operations back to NJ. Mahwah NJ to be more specific. We started Fashion Buyers Network back in 1979 as a consortium of embroidery and textiles companies simply seeking to work together and support each other.

Over the years we have ventured into supporting television programs , we continue to support the fashion week circuit all with one goal in mind. Keeping our factory members busy and profitable. We now have over 183,000 members and our biggest challenge today for our members is finding qualified college graduates in the business arena.

People do not realize it but New Jersey is the center of manufacturing for the fashion industry.

As part of our return to New Jersey we are also launcing an Internship to Hired Program for college sophomore and higher and a Fast Track to Employment program for recent graduates and graduating seniors.