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How to Reach Out for an Informational Interview | The Intern Hustle

Hey there! Welcome to The Intern Hustle’s hub on YouTube. I’m Jenna Rein, and in this video you’re going to learn how you should be reaching out to the people that you would like to connect with for an informational interview. ‘Cause you do want them to say yes when you reach out, right? Then stick around and take note of my 6 tips on how to reach out for an informational interview. Do you find yourself watching this and thinking “what is an informational interview?” Not to worry – I’ll cover that too. Hey there! I’m Jenna Rein from, and this is Initiative Muscle Monday. Helping you to start each week with an intentional step toward a successful future.

Let’s do this! So, what is an informational interview? In the most basic of explanations, it is an interview where the tables are turned. You are interviewing the other person and you’re asking them to share “information” with you about their career, their company, their industry, how they got their start, and lessons that they’ve learned along the way. Informational interviews are a great tool to help you determine professional fit in your own life. I have 6 tips for you today on how you should be reaching out when you request an informational interview with someone. And stick around to the end of this video for a special bonus email template that I’m going to be sharing with you.

This is a template that you’re going to be able to use when you’re sending those emails requesting your informational interviews. Alright, are you ready? Let’s dive in! Show that you’ve done your research. You want to be specific with your ask. Because people can tell when you just copy and paste an email to them that you’ve already sent to 10 other people. And I can tell you from experience, that I’m much more inclined to respond to someone when they ask me specific questions about my career, or they’re looking for specific advice. Now, it’s easy to just say I’d like to learn more about your career path. But show me that you took the time to actually research my background and that you want to know about a specific experience with a company or an individual that has shaped where I’m at today. Mention mutual connections or shared experiences. Did a family member or friend suggest that you connect with this person? Great – let them know. Or are they an alumni from the school that you attend? Make the connection.

Or, did you just read about something in their bio that you share in common with them? Maybe it’s a favorite band or place that you enjoy traveling to. These are all things that you want to incorporate when you reach out in order to establish a deeper connection up front. Make it convenient for them to say “yes”.

Suggest a phone call or offer to meet them in a location of their choice. But the amount of emails that people get today on a daily basis, it’s insane. If they’re getting an email from you and it’s not clear that you are flexible and that you’re going to make the time and the place very convenient for them, then they’re likely going to put the email aside and deal with it later. And chances are your email is going to then get lost in the depths of their inbox and you may never actually hear from them after all. So, you want to make it easy for them to give you an instant reply, and an easy one, and tell you yes. Respect their time. Informational interviews should be no more than 30 min. (20 min. is really what you’re shooting for here). This goes along with my last point on making it easy for them to say yes. Make sure that they understand that you know how busy they are and that you’re coming prepared to make this a good use of their time.

Include your availability for several dates and times. Don’t make them do the scheduling work. If you offer up a few different options that work for you on when you can meet, then they can easily check their calendar and get back to you. Or better yet, they can go hands off all together and pass it on to their assistant for all of the scheduling work. Again, how can you make it as convenient as possible for them to say “yes” to you. Close your email with a call to action to drive next steps. Guide their next action. Which should be responding to your email and the request that you’ve made for an informational interview. Say that you are looking forward to hearing from them. Ask them to let you know which of the options that you suggested works best for them. And then offer to send out a calendar invite once they confirm. If you follow these 6 tips when reaching out to request an informational interview, your chances of actually getting the interview are going to be much higher.

Now I mentioned at the beginning of this video that if you stuck around til the end, I have a bonus email template for you to use when you actually reach out. Check the description below this video for the link to download this free email template. The worksheet also includes a recap of the 6 tips that I shared with you in today’s video. So go grab it now and best of luck with your informational interviews! If this video gave you some new insights today, please give it a like and share it with a friend or two. And subscribe to this channel so that you don’t miss out on future videos by hitting that subscribe button below. In support of your hustle…I’ll see you next Monday!.

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Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake

Rolling on a PA, you’re cute – oh, I don’t even know my own lyrics. That is so sad. It’S marie forleo and you are watching marietv the place to be to create a business and life. You love, and this is Q & A Tuesday, and today’s question comes from Leslie and she writes hey Marie I’m at the stage of my life and career, where networking is super important. However, I hate doing it. I know I need to get out there and make connections, but it always feels so fake. What are some networking tips to not be a fakey pants Leslie? This is a great question. Millions of people resist the idea of networking, mostly because it feels really contrived. I mean whenever we think of networking we think of being in some windowless hotel room with a bunch of people. We don’t know milling around and we’ve got some hello. My name is sticker stuck to our boobs. Networking shouldn’t be an event. It’S an ongoing organic process of building relationships with people you actually like, so you want to make it a lifelong practice of meeting new friends that you can contribute to. Here are eight simple networking tips, meeting new people very authentically without feeling, like a fakey pants number. One focus on giving versus getting so how can you serve or help someone out? Maybe you’ve got a great book recommendation or you know someone that that person should meet. The thing is with networking. What you have to give may have nothing to do with you or your business and that’s okay. The whole focus is give give give number two be present, I’m lucky enough to take yoga with one of the most gifted and amazing teachers in the whole entire world. Mr

Rodney Yee and I was taking class with Rodney last week and it’s kind of amazing Rodney is so present, always so after class there’s, always like 70 people swarming around him trying to get his attention and when I was leaving class, he was talking to someone and I put my and on his back just as a gesture to say thank you and to let him know I was leaving because we are buddies and you know something he did not even break his concentration. He didn’t acknowledge me at all and it wasn’t rude. It was quite amazing he was so fully present with the person he was talking to that he just stayed there. Now, here’s the thing most people when they’re networking they do something. That’S really fake. You pants and they’re there looking around and they’re, not really present with the person who’s in front of them. Don’T do that shel! I really love all your videos that guy over there looks like Ryan, got new food at the Bechet. Oh, my god, crucial, cakes, crab, cakes, crab cake, jump number three, listen more than you talk as the saying goes, and it’s a tweetable. We have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak. Remember the most interesting people to talk to are the ones that really want to know about us number, four think long term versus short term real relationships field gradually over time. So when you first meet somebody don’t rush or push your agenda on them. Here’S what I mean, let’s say, you’re an aspiring children’s book author and you’re at an event, and you happen to meet someone who publishes children’s books, don’t go up to them. Is there? Oh, my god, I got ta give you my book. You got to read it. It’S amazing, you’re gon na want to publish it, don’t do that you want to just chill and be a little relaxed. You can say something like you know. That’S really interesting. I’Ve got a question about your industry that I’d love to know about and then ask them a question that opens up a genuine dialogue. Number five do not overcome it or feel guilty. Look if you start going to a ton of conferences and networking events you’re going to meet a lot of people, it’s fine not to stay in touch with everybody, it’s okay to meet people and say hi and all that jazz. But you do not have to make a commitment to speak to them again or to stay in touch. Number. Six, be honest: don’t make false promises or agree to do things just to be nice because you’re there with someone in person. So if someone wants to go to coffee with you, for instance – and you don’t want to do it don’t say – oh sure, we should do that sometime instead, you want to say this. I really appreciate the offer, but my work schedule is full and I don’t want to promise anything. That’S not going to happen. Number seven take action immediately if you do agree to do something for someone take action right away. So, if you’re going to make an email, intro just whip out your smartphone and get it done on the spot versus waiting till you get home, taking action right away is an awesome habit to build. Plus you won’t just pile up work to do for yourself when you get home number eight only go to things that excite you, whether it’s parties, conferences or even coffee dates, only say yes to the things that you really want to do. The best business connections I’ve ever made our friendships. So when you go to these things, go to make friends the women who get the most out of my yearly event. Rhh live come not to get the word out about what they do, but they really come to bond and meet with other like-minded people, so by all means, of course, you’ve got to tell people what you do for a living. But that should not be your number one goal. Your number one goal is just to connect and make friends. Otherwise you will come across as fakey pants Leslie. That was my a to your Q. I hope you enjoyed it now. Go stick some hello. My name is stickers to your boobs and that work your buns off now. I’D love to hear from you take a moment and really think about. Where did some of the best business connections in your life come from? Was it traditional networking? Was it some other unexpected route? Do you have do’s and don’ts for non fakey pants networking? As always, the best action happens after the episode at, so go there and leave a comment. Now? Did you like this video then subscribe and share it with your friends and if you want even more great resources to create a business and life? You love plus some personal insights from me that i only share in email come on over to and sign up for updates, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world needs that very special gift that only you have. Thank you. So much for watching – and I will see you next time on marietv b-school – is coming up want in for more info and free training go to join b-school. Calm, don’t make false promises. Fart sounds don’t make false. Fart sounds make them right. Wear what I think my hair is attracted to my boobs is that weird

As found on YouTube and published by Fashion Buyers Network Interns, Members and Staff