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Internship Program

Our Internship program is being revamped and will be an Internship to Hired Program starting February 1,st 2018.

The main reason for the change is from our online postings in which we received over 300,000 applications in one week with the shocker that over 80% of the applicants already had an MBA for over two years and are still trying to intern in order to break into a company. On the other side of the Equation one of our investors has over 185,000 clients mainly in embroidery and textile manufacturing all with two to six openings in Marketing and Sales and not able to find qualified candidates. Where is the disconnect?

The problem seems to be a generation of graduates that fear direct sales or working for companies because they are factories and not fancy NYC firms. However these factories have been in business many for over 100 years, are debt free and have never had to layoff employees. So the Internship to Hired Program is going to focus on using Digital and Social media combine with Affiliate Marketing and MLM to create a program where salaried positions can be obtained by the Interns and our members can hire from.

The program will for now be divided into the following sections:
1. Affiliate marketing
2. Use of Digital and Social Media to grow your business networking groups.
3. Use of Affiliate Marketing with MLM to further grow your network by using Social Media
As your networking abilities grow, certifications from Microsoft in CRM for Sales.
4. Additional certifications in Supply Chain Management and Account or ERP Software.
For those with Financial backgrounds sponsorships for insurance and stock brokerage licenses can be obtained.

To get started simply register on the affiliate page. You will be assigned to one of our Business Development Managers. They will be your mentor during the process. Yes once you are ready employment is available with us and we have positions from entry level to regional sales managers.