The Business Development Specialist is in charge of growing our clients through a combination of methods. They are in no particular order since every client is different:

  • Affiliate Marketing
    • What is affiliate marketing? The simple non-techy answer is commission coded links and banners.
    • It is how bloggers and professional Social Media people make a living. We also refer to them as Super Affiliates.
  • Representation to Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers.
  • Distribution via Amazon and their global affiliate network.
  • Local and Global Networking through business networking events depending on the client and the footprint of their business.

Our Business tag line is Where Business, Entertainment and Fashion Converge.

Our Business Development Specialists have already acquired certifications from Microsoft in:

  • CRM for Sales
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Supply Chain Commerce
  • ERP
  • The list goes on but the others are optional.

Business Development Specialists have also acquired licenses in Banking, Insurance and Stock Brokerage. Our staff are required to represent our members with bankers and investors. Staff members who do not meet these requirements function solely as sales people and not specialists.

All Business Development Specialists are required to prospect and grow their client base, Fashion Buyers Networks supports its staff with services like and Microsoft CRM for Sales. You are expected to be a people-based person and not afraid to talk to people.

Starting salary is $3,000.00 per week with fully paid health benefits and a company sponsored retired plan (SEP-IRA Plan). All new hires must go through a probationary period. Intern to Hire participants full-fil their probation period the internship period. Salary is based on a non-recourse draw account which is capped at one years salary.

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