This is our preferred method of hiring. Interns who fully complete the program end up with their Banking, Insurance and Stock Brokerage licenses, they also have certifications from Microsoft in CRM and ERP which we use in Supply Chain Commerce for our clients. Intern to Hire Program graduates start as a Business Development Specialist.

The program is ideally a three year program.

Information on the Internship to Hired Program.

The program is designed to achieve two objectives:
To provide a path to employment within our company or to provide a path to employment with our members who are also our clients and/or investors. Members most in need of qualified graduates are:
Our manufacturers.
Financial Services Industry.

What degrees benefit the most from our program?
Accounting is the easiest to hire but mainly entry level positions.
Economics with a minor in Accounting. Tends to the best from a salary point of view if combined with certifications in E.R.P. or an M.B.A. in Supply Chain Management. We normally hire exclusively here from Loyola University. Their Supply Chain Management program is the best in the world.

The Internship to Hired Program is ideally a three-year program.
Year One is focused on simple tasks and communication skills:
Participation in Business Networking Events.
Proper Networking
o List building
o Use of Social Media
o Blogging
o Creation of online groups and forums
Sent to Microsoft for certification in CRM for Sales
Year Two is focused on:
Certifications in E.R.P. (Accounting Software)
Certifications in Supply Chain Commerce
Affiliate Marketing
Costs Accounting
Financial Analysis and Underwriting
Year three the emphasis is on licensing.
Sponsorships provided for:
o Banking
o Insurance
o Stock Brokerage licenses
With these sponsorships, employment offers are normally simultaneously offered from our member partners. Banks, Insurance and Stock Brokerage firms.

While our program is best for business majors (Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing majors), Non-traditional majors such as Law and Nursing also do very well with it. Law majors have used the networking and CRM for Sales certifications to leverage careers in the political arena or as an Activist while Nursing Majors normally in their Junior year seem to find easy employment as Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. In NJ the starting pay for a nursing major with CRM for Sales certification and Social Media Certification is around $125,000.00 per year. Nurses use this work to also visit doctors offices, clinics, hospitals etc. Giving them an opportunity to see the work places before they decide where they want to work as a nurse. Nurses who have also completed courseware in Supply Chain Management tend to start as Facility Administrators instead of entry level positions.

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