About Fashion Buyers Network

Fashion Buyers Network is a member based business networking firm. Our tag line says it all. Where business entertainment and fashion converge.

Even though we started in the fashion industry. Today we help businesses and individuals grow their sales through a combination of people based business networking events and for business owners by starting and growing their own Affiliate Networks.

At Fashion Buyers Network. All members are assigned a Business Development Specialist who has a vested interest in your specific growth. If they do not generate sales for you, they (Your Business Development Specialist) does not earn any money. A performance based model where everybody wins.

Your Business Development Specialist is also responsible for representing your with:

Distributors, wholesalers and retailers

For borrowing they will represent you at our member banks and other sources of lenders.

Once qualified they represent you to our network of investors.

They also depending on your starting level represent you from local to international events for building your Affiliate Network from a local level to an International level and connecting with Super Affiliates who make a full time living promoting companies online.

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