Let me ask you a question…

Would you rather have one entry into a sweepstakes, or one thousand entries into a sweepstakes?

Assuming there are some sweet prizes, it’s a no brainer that you’d rather have more entries for a contest drawing. The more entries you have, the more likely it is you’ll win. It’s just a numbers game.

Listen, affiliate marketing is pretty much a numbers game too. And the calculations are just as simple – the more traffic you get in front of your offers, the more likely it is you’ll generate big commission checks and a comfortable living.

Now, in just a couple minutes I’ll start sharing with you some traffic tips. But first I want to remind you of something important…

It’s really unlikely that you’ll make a comfortable living promoting just one affiliate product. That’s about as likely as you getting hit by lightning this afternoon.

So here’s what the super affiliates do…

They create a sales funnel, and they never send their visitors directly to a sales page without first trying to get them on a mailing list.

You see, one of the advantages vendors have over affiliates is that the vendor gets to build the customer list. A list of proven buyers is one of your most valuable assets.

But hey, listen up – there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t build list too. In fact, that’s exactly what smart affiliates do. The cool thing is that many of these prospects will go on to be customers – and if you’ve set up a system where you deliver bonuses to customers who buy through your links, then you can segment your list into prospects and customers. Just like that, you have a customer list too.

Okay, so a moment ago I mentioned a sales funnel. This sales funnel usually starts with a freebie – that’s your lead magnet product that you use to entice people to join your list.

Here’s an important point – focus on getting prospects onto your mailing list FIRST. That means you send all your traffic to YOUR website, not the vendors. You want prospects to join your list… and then you’ll send them on over to the vendor’s sales page.

Got it?

So what you’ll need to do is set up a sales funnel, which is where you promote related products… preferably more expensive products, too.

For example, maybe you promote an entry-level product like a $10 ebook. Then you can promote a $100 video course. Maybe you’ll promote a $500 piece of equipment or software. Then you promote a $1000 workshop.

You get the idea. Instead of trying to get rich by pocketing $5 or $10 commissions, you promote lots of other related products and services to your lists so that you can start pocketing the bigger commissions, like $50, $100, $500 and so on.

So you see how this all works. You send traffic to your lead magnet page, your prospects opt in, and then you promote a variety of related and in-demand products to these prospects.

Now that brings us to the question – how do you get traffic?

You get traffic in the same way as you get to any other web page. I’m talking about social media, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, viral campaigns, joint ventures and so on.

So let me share with you now one really cool way to get a lot of traffic…

You ask the vendor to do a free webinar interview with you.

Here’s how it works…

First, you approach the vendor about doing the interview. Tell you what, you’re more likely to get a “yes” if you’ve already proven yourself as an affiliate. So get some sales under your belt and make this vendor some money before you request an interview – this trips the reciprocity trigger in your vendor, as he’ll feel a bit obligated to help you out.

Be sure to tout the benefits for the vendor – namely, the webinar will focus on selling one of his main products, so he’ll get some great exposure and make sales.

Next, you need to promote the webinar. So blog about it, tell your newsletter readers about it, shout it from the rooftops on social media – do everything you can to get traffic.

Now here’s the cool part…

You should encourage the vendor to advertise the webinar as well. Probably 95% of vendors will, just because they have a little ego involved in being spotlighted in your interview. But they also want to make sales, so they’ll usually do a lot of promotions for you.

Next, have people register for your webinar by joining your list. So right off the bat you’re making sure to get all these hot prospects on your mailing list so you can follow up with them repeatedly.

Next, you send out a thank-you email to those who register, along with your affiliate link for the vendor’s product. You can tell your subscribers that buying this product is “homework” which will help them prepare for the webinar.

When the webinar day rolls around, you send out a reminder to your list along with link to where the webinar takes place.

Next… you do the webinar. Just interview the vendor on the same topic as his product. So if his main product is all about organic gardening, then you should be asking your guests for tips on how to build raised flower beds and get rid of aphids.

At the end of the interview you then spend a few minutes talking about the product. By this point, your guest should have wowed your audience, so they’ll be interested in buying. You’ll share your affiliate link and maybe a bonus if webinar registrants buy now through your link. This should generate some quick sales.

Now you have a webinar recording, which you can give to your guest to use as he pleases, plus you can use it too… maybe even as a lead magnet product. You do the webinar once, and you keep making sales from it again and again for many months to come.

Imagine if you will do this with a dozen different guests. You can bet your traffic numbers, subscribers AND sales will go through the roof.

So take a few minutes right now and start drawing up a prospective webinar guest list – I think you’ll love how much traffic this powerful strategy delivers to your virtual doorstep! 00

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