Ever notice how the super affiliates make it look so easy to win all the affiliate contests, pull down huge sales numbers and pocket big commission checks?

And have you ever wished you could do the same thing?

Well you’re in luck, because in this video I’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks the super affiliates use that separate them from the average affiliate who’s just scraping by.

You may not want to hear all of this because some of it doesn’t sound all that sexy… but never mind that, because the money you’ll make when you put this stuff into play makes up for it.  You’ll love the feeling of being a powerful, respected and successful affiliate in your niche – I guarantee it.

Okay, so here’s the first thing…

The top affiliates engage their audiences and build relationships with them.

I know – if you’ve watched some of our other videos, then you’ve heard me say this before. But I’m saying it again because it is so important. It may just be the #1 key that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates.

Think about it for a moment and you’ll see it’s true.

If some complete stranger walks up to you on the street and asks you for twenty bucks, it’s very unlikely you’re going to just hand the money over.

Now imagine a good friend asks for twenty bucks. Whatcha going to do? That’s right, you’re going to hand the twenty bucks over without question… and that’s because you know, like and trust your friend.

I’m not saying you need to become best buds with all your subscribers and readers, but you do need to build that familiarity, liking and trust.

You do this by not holding back. Give your readers solid, actionable tips that will really help them. This builds liking and trust. 

Delivering this information in a friendly, fun and conversational style also gives you an edge in the “liking” department. You’ll also be more likable if you treat your subscribers and readers like human beings by empathizing with their problems and helping them out, rather than treating them like cash machines who exist to pay your grocery bills.

The second way to build trust is by only recommending GOOD products. Don’t recommend snake oil just because you think you can make a fast buck. That fast buck you make today will create a loss of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per customer – because once you’ve lost their trust, then you’ve lost their future business too.

Then you need to build familiarity. This is easy – you just need to keep yourself in front of your audience. Blog regularly. Send newsletters at least weekly if not more often. Brand yourself, create top of mind awareness, and transform yourself into the “go to” person for your niche’s problems.

So, bottom line – the super affiliates know how important it is for people to know, like and trust them, which is why they spend so much time building good relationships with their prospects.

Another thing many of the top affiliates do to sell more products is that they add value to the affiliate offers. This means they offer free bonus products to anyone who buys through their link.

If a prospect likes two affiliates and one of them offers a bonus product, which affiliate do you think the prospect will buy from? That’s right – with all else being equal, smart customers want the most bang for their buck, so they buy from the affiliate who’s offering them some extra swag.

You can offer free ebooks, videos, access to membership sites, mind maps, worksheets, spreadsheets, infographics, software and more. To see an example of how two top affiliates boost their conversion rates by offering bonuses to buyers, check out BestBonusBlog.com.

The third thing the top affiliates do to boost their conversion rates is they pre-sell offers. In other words, they get prospects in a buying mood before they drop their affiliate link. They do this by offering product reviews and even direct promotions that tout the benefits of the product.

This tactic boosts your conversion rate no matter what kind of sales letter is behind your affiliate link. But you’ll find it especially helpful if the sales letter totally blows chunks. Some people create great products, but their sales copy sucks. You can overcome this by pre-selling your prospects so they’re ready to hit the order button as soon as they land on the sales page.

Now before I let you go, let me share with you a little tool the super affiliates use – it’s called Attention Monkey, and it’s a web app that almost magically lets you put attention or notification bars on OTHER people’s websites. That means you can overlay a notification bar on a vendor’s sales page.

This notification bar can remind your prospects of your bonus product … or you can use it to emphasize the product’s benefits… and you provide a strong call to action.

This gives you an unfair advantage over other affiliates, who’re struggling to close sales. You’re gonna feel like you’re cheating, but it’s a legal way to start pocketing bigger commission checks.

So be sure to have a look at the resource section on this website for more information about Attention Monkey. I think you’re really gonna love this tool, because it’s a super slick way to close more sales. fffffff

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