Let me share with you a little secret…

You don’t need to be the top affiliate in your niche in order to start getting some pretty sweet perks. You just need to ask for them.

This is just the way life works…

The guy who has the guts to ask out beautiful women is the one who gets the dates with super models.

The employee who asks the boss for a raise is the one who gets the promotion.

And the affiliate who asks for the special perks is the one who gets the bigger commissions and other sweet deals.

Okay, so it’s true you probably can’t just waltz off the street as a total stranger and start demanding perks from vendors. They’ll laugh you right off the phone or out of their email inbox.

However, if you’ve proven yourself as a serious affiliate and shown that you can put money in the vendor’s pocket, then you can bet they’ll be willing to negotiate perks for you.

End result for you? You get to make more money with the same amount of effort. You also get the opportunity to reward your blog readers, newsletter subscribers and social media followers for their loyalty.

So what kind of perks will you get? Well, if you’re a top affiliate for a casino, you might get financial incentives, get a limo ride from the airport, and a penthouse suite in the hotel. But for the rest of us who promote stuff like books and software, your perks will be more along the lines of the financial rewards.

Let me run down some of the perks you may ask for…

First, you might ask for a personalized sales page.  The reason for this is because it can help you boost your overall conversion rate.

At a minimum, the sales page may greet your visitors by saying something like, “Here’s a special offer for friends of John Doe.”  And yeah – of course in this example you’d swap your name in for the “John Doe” placeholder.

That’s one way to do it.

Another way to do it is to ask the vendor to upload a sales page you create. This is something you might request if the vendor’s sales page totally sucks wads and doesn’t convert. Of course you wouldn’t phrase it that way to the vendor… rather, you’d just politely request a special landing page.

One note though – some affiliate platforms, like Clickbank, allow you to link directly to an order form. This means you can write your own sales letter and then link to the order form. So there is no reason to ask a vendor for a personalized page if you’re dealing with an affiliate platform that allows you to link to an order form.

Now let’s suppose you’re dealing with an affiliate platform where you can’t do any direct linking…

If the vendor won’t grant your request for a special or personalized landing page, there is a sneaky way to get around it – use the web app Attention Monkey.

Attention Monkey lets you overlay a notification bar right on top of the sales page, which is where you can add some personalization, offer a bonus, emphasize the benefits of the product or do whatever else it takes to get a good response rate.

Check the resources section on this website for more information about the Attention Monkey app.

The second thing you can ask for is a super affiliate commission rate. This is where the perks start getting pretty good.

See, affiliate marketing is set up a bit like a fancy nightclub. You got the bouncer at the door deciding who gets to come in. If you get past the affiliate bouncer, that’s awesome – but you’re still only gonna be pulling the commission rate offered to everyone else.

On digital products, that’s something around 50%. With physical products, that may be as low as 5%.

Once you get into this main part of the nightclub, then you’ll catch these glimpses of patrons getting ushered into secret rooms. If you get a peek inside before the door slams shut in your face, you’ll see free drinks, chocolate covered strawberries, powerful people and beautiful women.

Same thing happens in affiliate marketing. The top affiliates get ushered into secret

rooms where vendors give them huge commission rates. If the public commission rate on a digital product is 50%, then the super affiliates may be getting 60%, 75% or even more.

Tell you what, you belong in this secret room. And all you have to do to get ushered in is show the vendor you can make some sales… and then ASK the vendor to bump up your commission rate. If the vendor doesn’t want to risk losing you, he’ll probably negotiate with you.

The third thing you can ask for are bonuses for meeting sales goals. This perk is a good way to negotiate with vendors to secure a super affiliate commission rate for yourself. Simply talk to the vendor about sales tiers – as you meet each goal, your commission rate bumps up.

For example, you start at a 50% commission rate. When you meet a certain sales goal, you get 55% commission. When you meet the next milestone, you get 60% commissions… and so on. The more sales you generate, the higher your commission rate.

The vendor is happy because he only bumps your commission rate when you perform, and you’re happy because you’re making more money with the same amount of effort. It’s a great way to prove to a vendor just how invaluable you are to his team, because the vendor doesn’t have to risk much.

Another perk you can request is to have first dibs on promoting an offer. Many vendors let their top affiliates promote a new offer a few days before the affiliate program is opened up to the public. Once you prove yourself, you’re likely to start getting these invitations – but if not, then be sure to ask for them.

Still another thing you can request is exclusive discount for your customers. Here’s a nifty way to reward your loyal subscribers, followers and other fans – simply arrange to get a special discount from the vendor.

If the vendor is set up with an affiliate system where they can give you a coupon code or special link to track your sales and offer the discount, that’s perfect. That’s because many of your customers will share this link on social media and elsewhere, especially if the discount truly is exclusive.

In fact, you can encourage your prospects to share the link like crazy by giving them a special bonus if they share it, like a free video, ebook or app. There’s a tool called Social Share Monkey which makes this really easy, because this app unlocks a bonus once your prospect has shared the link on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+.

Check the resources section on this site for more information about Social Share Monkey.

The sixth perk you can request is a special bonus for your customers. This might be something like access to a membership site, a free report, a free seat at a webinar, a free ebook or something else. 

Not every vendor has the ability or desire to create free bonuses for all their top affiliates, but if you prove your mettle as a profitable affiliate, there’s a good chance the vendor will at least consider doing this for you just to keep you on the team.

One last tip—you can make this even easier on the vendor by suggesting a specific bonus. If the vendor has a lot of other products on the market, then you may suggest that your customers get access to one of these products as a bonus. That way the vendor doesn’t have to spend extra time creating the bonus – he or she just needs to set up a special download page for your customers.

Yet another perk you may consider requesting is a bonus for introducing other affiliates.  If you’re pretty well-connected in your niche, then you may want to talk to a vendor about you playing the role of affiliate or joint venture broker. You can ask for a straight up bonus for these introductions, or you can see if the vendor will set up a two-tier affiliate program so that you make a commission every time one of the affiliates you introduced to the program makes a sale.

Okay, so that gives you a pretty good idea of some of the types of perks you can request. Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list. You might ask for other perks, like instant commissions or being paid in a different way than is offered to everyone else.

One word of warning, though – don’t turn into a diva. It’s okay to make requests, but don’t be like a prima donna pushing your weight around and pretending to be more important than you are. Vendors talk with each other, and you may just find yourself bounced out of affiliate programs if you start getting demanding or acting entitled.

Instead, just ask for perks when you know you’ve deserved them. Make it a win-win, and the vendor will be happy to accommodate you. And you’ll be happy to make more money and get more respect. f000000

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