There are a lot of pieces you need to snap into place in order to create a successful affiliate business.

You need to do things like create an irresistible lead magnet and landing page, and then drive highly targeted traffic to this page to build your list. Then you need to put the right offers at the right prices in front of your subscribers. You might even toss in a bonus to persuade people to buy a product through your affiliate link.

So far, so good.

If you just do those things, you’ll make some money. Probably not a lot – probably not enough to impress anyone or make it worth your while to hire a tax accountant – but at least you’ll cover your business expenses and have a few bucks left over.

I’m guessing you’re not content to scrape by. And that’s why you’ll want to pay attention to this video, because now I’m going to start sharing with you some of the secrets that really separate the super affiliates from everyone else.

So listen up…

One key that makes the super affiliate different is that they know it’s important to position themselves as an authority in the niche.

That’s because your prospects don’t want to follow just any ol’ person in the niche – they want to follow an expert who’s also an authority.

So what’s the difference?


An expert knows a lot of stuff, but that doesn’t mean anyone cares. If you’re just an expert, you might end up being the blowhard “know it all” in the niche. People will start harboring fantasies of taking you into the bathroom and giving you a swirly. Know what I’m saying?

Don’t be that guy.

When you’re an authority in the niche, then you command respect. People listen to you. People follow you. People talk positively about you on social media.

Have you ever watched South Park? If so, then you know all about Cartman bashing people’s knees with a police baton while yelling, “Respect my authoritah!”

Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret… that’s not the way to build authority in your niche. And it sure as heck isn’t a good way to get any respect. Probably about the only thing you’d get is a night in jail.

So how do you become an authority? All you have to do is follow the tips and guidelines I’m about to share with you…

The first way to build authority in your niche is to simply show your authority.

You could tell people you’re an authority all day long until you’re blue in the face and you pass out from exhaustion, but a big chunk of people won’t believe a word of it. And really, the people who are yelling the loudest about being an “authority” or even an expert in the niche are usually the ones who’re trying on the whole “fake it till you make it” shtick.

So what do you do instead? Simple – you show them that you’re an authority, and they can’t argue with you. It’s pretty hard to argue with the irrefutable proof sitting right in front of their noses.

So forget about writing your average-Joe-Blow 400 to 600 word ho-hum articles for your blog. You need to put something extraordinary out there. Show people how you can help them. Give them strategies they’ve never seen before. Share with them insights and tips they never knew… because YOU invented them. Blow their mind.

In other words, share information that produces great results. People can’t argue with results. If you deliver the goods, you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself as an authority.

A second way to build authority is to flash your credentials.

People really don’t care all that much about you… primarily they care about themselves, and they care about you to extent that you can help them. So you don’t want to drone on and on about your credentials every chance you get, but you do want to put them out there and make them know.

If you have a boatload of experience, or you’ve earned some related degrees, or even if you’ve won some awards in your niche, let people know. The “About” page on your blog is a good place to flash these credentials.

Another good way to flash your credentials is to share them on social media as you earn them. For example, if you just got named as the featured speaker at a prestigious event… or maybe you picked up a respected award in the field… then post a photo of you participating in the event and let your followers know what it’s all about.

Yeah, some might accuse you of “humble-bragging” on social media – but if you don’t tell your followers about your impressive credentials, who will? No one. It’s up to you.

Another way to build authority is to prove that you can get results.

In other words,  you use a little social proof to get people’s heads nodding at you in that appreciative, respectful way.

Ideally, what you want to happen is let OTHER people talk about you and how you got them great results. If the buzz is loud enough, your prospects will find out. But you can also help the process along by re-tweeting, sharing, or reblogging praise from others.

Want to bring the buzz to a deafening roar? Then create a contest where people seek to get results based on the methods you teach.

One good example of this is, which is a 12-week body transformation challenge that’s based on a specific diet and exercise program, which was created by Bill Phillips and sponsored by EAS sports nutrition.

The site is full of amazing transformation stories. People go to other forums, blogs and social media groups to share their own Body for Life transformation Stories. Phillips doesn’t have to say a word about his own authority, because there are thousands of people sharing their success stories all over the net.

And you know what? You can bet Phillips sells tons of his transformation guides, and EAS sells gobs of their whey protein and other supplements. Selling with authority and proven results works like crazy.

Okay, so the fourth way to build your authority is to associate yourself with other experts and authorities.

The idea here is to borrow some credibility from other influential people. You need to work your way up into their networks, and then work with these folks so that others see you as being in the top tier or thought-leaders in your market.

You’ve probably already mentally categorized and ranked other marketers in your niche. You have the no-names and “no one cares” at the bottom. You have mid-level marketers after that. Then you have the top tier – this is the group you want to align yourself with.

So get involved in your niche. Go to conferences and start developing real relationships with the movers and shakers. Get on social media and do the same thing. Attend the Google Hangouts and webinars that these folks are attending.

Here’s an insider tip – don’t be the guy or gal who approaches the influencers in your niche and hits them up with a joint venture proposal right away. That’s totally lame. And totally forgettable, because you’ll blend in with all the other plebs who’re trying to do the same thing.

Instead, approach people on a personal level. If you find out both you and Joe Marketer love deep sea fishing, then connect on that common ground and swap fishing stories.

Think about it – at the end of the day, who is this influential marketer going to remember… the stranger who talked business with him the whole time, or the one who made a personal connection and showed interest in him as a person? That’s right, he’s gonna remember the one who swapped the fishing the stories with him.

Another thing you can do is get noticed in your niche. If you make a nice chunk of change for a particular vendor, you can bet that vendor will notice. If you start winning affiliate contests, you can bet everyone will notice. Then once you get noticed, it’s a whole lot easier to start working your way into the upper tiers of your niche. Makes sense, right?

So let me summarize this whole strategy…

Don’t just be the expert in your niche – be an AUTHORITY. Write and talk with confidence. Align yourself with other authorities. Show people know what the heck you’re talking about.

Pretty soon people will start flocking to you. Soon you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips, Twitter accounts and Facebook wall.  You’ll command respect where ever you go. And when you talk, people will listen. When you recommend a product, people will buy it.

That’s a pretty darn good reason to start building authority right away, isn’t it?

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