The Secrets of the Ugly Guys Who Date Super Models

Have you ever seen an ugly guy with a beautiful woman? It always makes you wonder how that happened. You know what the secret is? This guy has a way with words. He can attract and seduce any woman he wants, because he knows how to get their attention and get them hanging on his […]

What Top Affiliates Do Differently With Their Blogs

Most affiliates set up a blog to advertise some of their wares. However, there are a few little tricks that separate the top affiliates from everyone else – and you’re going to learn more about these tricks in this video. So first up, if you don’t already have a blog, then you need to install […]

Hooking the Hungry Fish With Juicy Bait

You’re making the steps towards becoming an affiliate. At this point you’ve chosen a niche and picked out several products to promote to this hungry niche. So what’s next? Put the banner ads down and step away. Tuck that media buy into your pocket if it links to the affiliate offer. And don’t even think […]

How to Find a Golden Needle in a Big Pile of Hay

Once you’ve found a profitable market, then you need to find out what these folks are already buying. You see, this isn’t a time for you to reinvent the wheel. Don’t go looking for some obscure solution and then cross your fingers that your market will like it. Instead, what you’re looking for are popular […]

How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around

How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around

The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing

VIDEO 1: The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing So you wanna be an affiliate… Looks easy enough, right? Seems like all you have to do is pick a product to promote, find an eager group of buyers, slap up a banner ad… and you’re in business. Um, no. Everything I just said about affiliate marketing […]

Affiliate Marketing – The Basics

Lots of affiliate marketers I talk to thought they’d be making more money by now… And really it’s not their fault. Those so-called “gurus” just love planting fairytales in people’s heads. They say you can make a boatload of cash without lifting a finger. That somehow, all your affiliate sales will come to you automagically […]

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